Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cal is 11 Months Old

I have an almost toddler!  In one month, we will be celebrating Cal's 1 year birthday.

Sorry this post is a couple of days late.  The days are getting too short for all the things I need to get done!

Cal, buddy, you are turning into a little boy before our eyes.  This past month has been quite the adventure.  You are doing so many new things.  It is so fun to watch you grow.

* You are walking like a champ.  You took three steps back in November and now are walking 90% of the time.  It's so cute to watch your little zombie baby walk.  I took a video so I could remember how it looks.

* In addition to walking, you also started standing up from the floor.  You put your feet on the floor near your hands like a little A-frame and stand right up.  We watched you do it once on a Friday and ever since than, you stand all the time.

* Even though you knew how to clap before, you are now copying us when we do it.  I make a game out of clapping and say "Yayyyyy!" and clap my hands just so I can see you do it too.

* You wave bye-bye.  Just this morning you were toddling into your bedroom and you turned around to make sure I was watching.  I said "Bye" and you responded with a wave and a "buh buh" which I am pretty sure means Bye Bye.

* You have three teeth.  Both your top front teeth and one of your bottom ones.  I am pretty sure your second bottom one is on its way because you have been pretty fussy.

* In the last couple of weeks, you learned how to give hugs.  If you want to be hugged, you will put your head down on someone's chest or shoulder.  It is just the sweetest little thing.

* Similar to above, if you want someone to pick you up, you bounce up and down and go "ahahahahaha" until they do.  You do the same thing if you want a bite of what someone is eating too.  Silly boy!

* You absolutely love to eat.  If you are fussy, it's generally because you are hungry.  You will try anything but your favorite food is blueberries.  This hasn't changed since last month because I am pretty sure I wrote the same thing.

Cal, you are such a joy and absolutely the sweetest.  We love you so much big boy!  Next month, I will posting all about your birthday.  I can't believe it!

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