Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Fun

This summer, I am trying to get out every weekend and do something with the boys.  Usually, it is something free or cheap.  Oaks Park was a splurge for sure, but playgrounds, splash pads and walks in the neighborhood is free.

I have taken the boys berry picking, to numerous playgrounds, splash pads, we have been to Blue Lake Park, on walks, we spend a lot of "nakey" time at home, trips to Nana's, special treats at Dairy Queen, play time at Dizzy Castle, trips to Target and other random stuff.

If all goes well this weekend and both of my kids stay healthy, the plan is to take them to the Oregon State Fair.

Enjoy some of the pictures of our summer time below!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Oaks Park

We have been packing activities in all summer and this weekend was no exception.  Even though Jack was getting over tonsilitis, he had been fever free for 48 hours on Sunday.  We had discount passes to a local amusement park, so we woke up the boys early from nap and headed out.  Neither Jason or I told the boys where we were going so it was extra fun once we pulled into the parking lot and they figured it out.

It was about 80 degrees yesterday and the park is in full sun with some shade from the trees.  Thankfully there was a nice breeze coming in off the river otherwise we would have sweat to death.

The very first ride the boys went on was this motorcycle ride.  Jack was super excited, but you can tell from the picture that Cal was a little hesitant.  After he realized that there was a horn and the bike did wheelies, he warmed up a bit.

The next ride the boys rode was this frog jumper one.  Jack loved it but this picture fully sums up Cal's reaction:  Not sure what to think.

Jack wanted to go on the little roller coaster so I took Cal on some rides more his speed while Jason braved the roller coaster line.  By this time, Cal was starting to really love the rides.  It was so cute when he would come around the ride and see me.  He would wave frantically and yell "Hi Mama!".  

On the carousel.  Hot as blazes.  Don't mind my gross red, sweaty face.  Cal would say "Up.  Down."  every time the horse would move.  So cute.

This is the only roller coaster picture I have.  It's hard to get one when it's moving so fast.  Jason and Cal are in the green car and you can't tell but Jack is hovered down and Jason's arm is around him.  He claims he loved the ride but Jason said he was really unsure with how fast it was moving.

Thank goodness for Jason.  He took the boys on a lot of rides that I just can't do.  I get severe motion sickness and anything that spins is off the table.  Like this hot air balloon ride.  The height doesn't bother me, but those baskets spin.  No thank you.

We took a quick break to get something to eat, hydrate and sit in the shade.  The boys ate a little - I had packed some healthier snacks so I didn't feel as guilty feeding them corn dogs or hot dogs.  Cal barely ate anyways.  It was nice to sit in the shade for a bit.  By the time we were done eating, it was much less sunny out.  It was getting towards dinner time and the sun was moving.  Thank goodness!

We stood in line for the ferris wheel and both boys loved it!  The boys really wanted to ride the train and it just so happen that there was no line.  By this time, the park had slowed down quite a bit, which was really nice.  

This ride was fun for the kids.  Not only did the boats fly up in the air, they jumped!  Cal thought it was just the best.  This was my attempt at getting the kids to say cheese for the camera.

Let me on, let me on!

Here is another ride that I wouldn't do so Jason took the boys.  Of course, they loved it and they rode it twice.

The rides were almost at closing time (they shut down at 7:00) so Jack and Cal played this fishing game and they each won a duck.  Cal saw another game with a Dora the Explorer poster as a prize and he yelled "DORA!".  Jason played some darts and won the Dora poster as well as two others.

After another ride on the carousel, the park was closing so we headed out.  The boys were promised an Icee so we stopped at the store on the way home to pick up an Icee and a couple of snacks.

Miraculously, bed time was a non-struggle.  Probably because the boys were so tired!  They went down a little later than normal and fell right asleep.

I am so glad we had this adventure.  I tried to be flexible, starting with a short nap and with what the kids ate for dinner, what time we ate, and bedtime.  It is pretty rare that we shift from the schedule and the boys really enjoyed themselves.  It is really fun to watch how excited they get over "kid" stuff.  It makes being a parent fun.  I can relive my childhood through them.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knit, Purl, Repeat

As always, I have been knitting up a storm.  I knit when the boys are in bed, outside playing (sometimes), and on the weekends during their nap.  When we go to the indoor playground, I will bring my projects and knit while the boys play.

Here is what I have been working on!

I got the yarn below in my monthly Yarnbox subscription.  It is not something I would ever purchase for myself (although it's lovely).  I started a simple seed cowl in wide stripes for this yarn.  I have made more progress since the below picture.  I really need to pick this project up again and work on it some more.  

Yarn credit:  Artyarns

I have a ton of leftover sock yarn and a couple of projects bookmarked so I decided to start on them.  This project is going to be one of those that takes YEARS to complete.  See that cute little hexipuff below?  The project that I am working on requires that you knit 384 of them.  

How cute are these?  They take about 45 minutes to knit and I love that it uses scrap yarn and not some special skein. I have completed about 12 so far.  Only 370 something left!  When complete, these will all be attached and made into a Bee Keepers Quilt.  Picture a huge honeycomb blanket.

I ordered the yarn below from my favorite online store, Yarn.com.  The yarn on the left will be socks (of course), probably as Christmas presents for little boys that I know.  The yarn in the center is one I have had my eye on since someone posted it on Instagram.  It is discontinued so I had to buy a skein before it was too late.  I made a beautiful cabled hat with it (see below).  The yarn on the right is a bulky yarn I picked up for some slipper socks.  

Yarn credit:  Plymouth Yarn, Madelinetosh and Berroco.

Here are the completed slipper socks.  And the hat on the right is another bow hat someone asked me to make them.  I think that is my sixth one I have made.

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby socks?  I don't think so.

Yarn credit:  Plymouth Yarns

I have an obsession with socks.  I love how yarn self stripes.  I am always on the lookout for fun colors.  I bought this yarn because the picture online looked like they would make great Christmas socks.  Not so much, but they are fun anyways.

Do you know what I love most about socks with self stripes?  That they don't match.  I know some knitters make a point to start the yarn in the same place so they have a matching pair.  Clearly, I don't do this and it's better that way.  A couple of people have posted on my Facebook that their OCD couldn't handle it.  Oh well, I won't knit you a pair than!

Yarn credit:  Berroco

This yarn was originally for another project, but I lost steam.  They were very time consuming faux argyle socks and I just couldn't finish them.  That sock got frogged and made into a simple sock.  This yarn is amazing!  It's made out of bamboo silk and worsted wool.  So soft!  I started on the other sock but haven't finished yet.

Yarn credit:  Crystal Palace Yarns, Panda Silk

Here is the finished matching pair of my crazy Electric Kool Aid Acid Test socks.  I love them.  This pair is staying with me.

I have to confess that I figured out that my gauge was off on my sock knitting.  I corrected the problem but boy, I wish I had figured that out sooner.  It would have saved me from too big socks.  

Yarn Credit:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock

Here is the finished cabled hat that I used with my discontinued, coveted yarn.

Pattern:  Ryland's Cabled Hat

Yarn Credit:  Madelinetosh

This hat will be for my sister for Christmas.  She already knows, so it isn't a surprise.

My husband needed a new beanie so I used a skein I had on hand.  I think this took me three whole hours to knit.

Yarn Credit:  Lion Brand

That is it for now.  Of course, I have a huge project list that I want to do, but what knitter doesn't?  I have sweaters I want to complete for Christmas, more hats for my boys, more socks......The list is never ending!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Radio Silence

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  It has been a pretty rough couple of months in our house.  With two deaths in the family, memorial services, and my father-in-law being in the hospital after a minor stroke, it's been tough.  Plus, I have recently gotten back to going to counseling and I weaned off my anti-depressants.  Even though my moods have leveled out now, it was a bad week or so.

I will get started on posting again, now that everything seems to have calmed down.  I will get a Weight Watchers post up soon as well as a knitting post and probably a random picture post of my boys.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!