Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knit, Purl, Repeat

As always, I have been knitting up a storm.  I knit when the boys are in bed, outside playing (sometimes), and on the weekends during their nap.  When we go to the indoor playground, I will bring my projects and knit while the boys play.

Here is what I have been working on!

I got the yarn below in my monthly Yarnbox subscription.  It is not something I would ever purchase for myself (although it's lovely).  I started a simple seed cowl in wide stripes for this yarn.  I have made more progress since the below picture.  I really need to pick this project up again and work on it some more.  

Yarn credit:  Artyarns

I have a ton of leftover sock yarn and a couple of projects bookmarked so I decided to start on them.  This project is going to be one of those that takes YEARS to complete.  See that cute little hexipuff below?  The project that I am working on requires that you knit 384 of them.  

How cute are these?  They take about 45 minutes to knit and I love that it uses scrap yarn and not some special skein. I have completed about 12 so far.  Only 370 something left!  When complete, these will all be attached and made into a Bee Keepers Quilt.  Picture a huge honeycomb blanket.

I ordered the yarn below from my favorite online store,  The yarn on the left will be socks (of course), probably as Christmas presents for little boys that I know.  The yarn in the center is one I have had my eye on since someone posted it on Instagram.  It is discontinued so I had to buy a skein before it was too late.  I made a beautiful cabled hat with it (see below).  The yarn on the right is a bulky yarn I picked up for some slipper socks.  

Yarn credit:  Plymouth Yarn, Madelinetosh and Berroco.

Here are the completed slipper socks.  And the hat on the right is another bow hat someone asked me to make them.  I think that is my sixth one I have made.

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby socks?  I don't think so.

Yarn credit:  Plymouth Yarns

I have an obsession with socks.  I love how yarn self stripes.  I am always on the lookout for fun colors.  I bought this yarn because the picture online looked like they would make great Christmas socks.  Not so much, but they are fun anyways.

Do you know what I love most about socks with self stripes?  That they don't match.  I know some knitters make a point to start the yarn in the same place so they have a matching pair.  Clearly, I don't do this and it's better that way.  A couple of people have posted on my Facebook that their OCD couldn't handle it.  Oh well, I won't knit you a pair than!

Yarn credit:  Berroco

This yarn was originally for another project, but I lost steam.  They were very time consuming faux argyle socks and I just couldn't finish them.  That sock got frogged and made into a simple sock.  This yarn is amazing!  It's made out of bamboo silk and worsted wool.  So soft!  I started on the other sock but haven't finished yet.

Yarn credit:  Crystal Palace Yarns, Panda Silk

Here is the finished matching pair of my crazy Electric Kool Aid Acid Test socks.  I love them.  This pair is staying with me.

I have to confess that I figured out that my gauge was off on my sock knitting.  I corrected the problem but boy, I wish I had figured that out sooner.  It would have saved me from too big socks.  

Yarn Credit:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock

Here is the finished cabled hat that I used with my discontinued, coveted yarn.

Pattern:  Ryland's Cabled Hat

Yarn Credit:  Madelinetosh

This hat will be for my sister for Christmas.  She already knows, so it isn't a surprise.

My husband needed a new beanie so I used a skein I had on hand.  I think this took me three whole hours to knit.

Yarn Credit:  Lion Brand

That is it for now.  Of course, I have a huge project list that I want to do, but what knitter doesn't?  I have sweaters I want to complete for Christmas, more hats for my boys, more socks......The list is never ending!

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