Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Cloth Diaper Reviews

I have added to our cloth diaper stash and have several new brands that I have never gotten around to reviewing.  So here goes!  I don't have pictures of many of these, sorry.  I need to be better about taking pictures of my kiddos.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

I originally thought I was an AIO kind of girl but I wanted to try some new brands.  I picked up a Bummis in the Rocket print.  I am so glad I did!  I honestly think that this is my new favorite diaper.  I love it so much that I bought another cover in the Froggy Pond print.

I love it because it's roomy enough that Cal will be able to wear it for a very long time.  It is a fairly trim diaper and I use the Flip inserts with it.  You could use any insert you like whether it be a pre-fold, hemp, Flip, whatever.

Here is Cal wearing a Bummis:

He looks so little here!  Since he has grown a bit since this picture, the diaper fits him even better now.

This diaper has held up really well.  It has an aplix closure and the tabs are still almost brand new.  The material is very well made and it hasn't pilled or run.  It washes very well and even with two inserts at night, it still fits Cal really well.  It does get a little bulky with two of the Flip inserts though.


  • Great fit, fairly trim
  • Awesome overnight diaper
  • Wonderful material, holds up well
  • Super cute prints
  • Reasonably priced ($13)
  • Bulky when using two inserts

I bought this diaper because of the print, I am not going to lie but also because Jason requested more velcro closure.  He isn't a fan of snaps.  I got the Ladder print and it's very cute.  My favorite thing about this diaper is the double gusseted leg.  I have never ever had a leak with this diaper.  The inside of the diaper is a "scrumptiously soft microchamois".  My biggest complaint of this diaper is it is pretty bulky.  Cute, but bulky.  The saving grace is that it comes with two inserts for a good overnight doubling system or for those kiddos that are heavy wetters.  The price is pretty steep and I probably wouldn't spend this much on a diaper again but overall, it is a good diaper.

Ladder print:

  • Comes with two inserts for doubling
  • Double leg gusset for keeping leaks at bay
  • Good quality, soft material inside and out
  • Very cute prints
  • Tends to be bulky
  • Somewhat pricey for a diaper ($23)

bumGenius 4.0 One Size

A few months ago, Jason and I made the trek up to Vancouver to hit up Cotton Babies, a cloth diaper store.  They have an awesome website too!  I think we may have been there to buy a swim diaper for Cal but I was "allowed" to pick out another diaper for Cal on the promise that it be a hook and loop closure.  I say "allowed" because I am in charge of the finances and Jason just rolls his eyes at any diaper purchase.

I am very pleased with the bumGenius diapers.  I love their micro-suede inner liner.  I know some people have issues with their babies having rashes with the micro-suede but we don't.  The material is very high quality.  The hook and loop/aplix closure has held up very well.  I also like the adjustable liner that the diaper comes with.  Most one size dipes don't have this option so I really like that bumGenius offers it.

My only cons are the price and the limited prints available.  Don't get me wrong, there tons of cute colors.  I just wish there were more prints (I think there are two prints available right now).  I bought the Clementine for Cal.  It's kind of a girly color but we can hold on to this one for the next baby - if there is one.


  • Adjustable insert
  • Soft, durable materials (love the micro-suede liner)
  • Aplix closure holds up well
  • Price is slightly high ($17.95 - not horrible)
  • Lack of pattern selection

I received this diaper from a blogger friend.  Thank you Erin!  I truly wish this diaper was more readily available because I LOVE IT.  Cal has worn it both in the daytime and for bedtime and we have had no leaking issues and even with the double insert, he doesn't have a huge diaper booty.  This is a pretty cool diaper.  It has a pocket that is open on both ends which means you don't have to take out the insert when washing.  It will work its way out during the washing machine cycle.  I also love that when you buy the diaper it comes with two inserts:  "Trifold hemp/cotton fleece insert for the ultimate in trimness and absorbency. Hourglass 4-layer microterry "booster" insert for when you need extra absorbency."

I want more of these diapers dang it!  Even though they are sized and I generally stay away from sized dipes.

  • Very trim on my baby
  • Comes with two inserts
  • Double pocket means no removing the liner before washing
  • Soft material, well made
  • Not very easy to find (I saw on one website that they are being discontinued)
  • Solid colors only

bumGenius Freetime

Since I loved the first bumGenius that I bought, I decided to buy another.  Yes, I might have a problem with buying diapers.  Oh how I LOVE this diaper.  I truly don't mind stuffing when the diapers come out of the dryer.  However, having one diaper that is stuff-free is so nice!  The genius behind the Freetime is that the inserts are semi-attached and don't require stuffing.  We got the Moonbeam color which is a nice blue.

There isn't a pocket to stuff inserts into if you wanted to double up however I have found that even when not doubled up, Cal can go overnight in this diaper with no issues!  No pee leaks at all for my heavy wetter.

The pros and cons are very similar to the 4.0 but I will list them again:

  • Attached insert so no stuffing!
  • Soft, durable materials
  • Aplix closure holds up well
  • Absorbant
  • Price is slightly high ($19.95)
  • Lack of pattern selection

GroVia Hybrid

This diaper is one of my favorites, even with the tiny issues we have had with it (I will list them out below).  I love the fit of these diapers.  I love the hybrid style which means you can use your own insert or use the liners that GroVia sells.  I chose to use their liners and I have both the stay-dry soakers and the organic soakers.  I prefer the stay-dry soakers.  They don't take as long in the dryer and they feel softer (I could be crazy).

I really love that if a liner is wet or poopy, you can just snap in a new liner as long as the cover is still clean.  I love the prints offered (we have both the bicycle and the planes) and I love the fit.  Cal doesn't get the badonkadonk butt like other diapers.

Here are my complaints though.  On the plane diaper, the outer fabric on the aplix started out a bright, bold orange.  Over time in the wash it has faded to a peach color.  Also, the outer place where the velcro fastens has pilled a little bit.  Just on that one diaper though so I am not sure if I got a bad batch or what.

This diaper is offered in snap or aplix and of course, we chose the aplix because Jason prefers them and he does most of the diaper changes.

Bicycle print:


  • Super cute prints
  • Choice of inserts
  • Trim fit
  • Choice of aplix or snap closure
  • Reasonably priced
  • The velcro can cause the fabric to pill
  • Colors may fade over time

That's my latest round of cloth diaper updates.  I have fallen out of love for some of my other brands, but that is a post for another day.

I hope this will help some of you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Am Boring

I know I am boring.  I am admitting this to not only myself but others.  Lately I have felt stagnant in my life.  I think this is probably pretty normal for fairly new-ish moms.  I love being a mom but I feel like I have forgotten what it's like to be anything else.  I used to have hobbies, I used to spend time with my friends, I used to go to church, I used to go on dates with my husband.

I am not saying that I CAN'T still do these things.  I have just forgotten how to.  Does that make sense?

So what am I going to do about this?  I have challenged myself.  I am making a huge effort to do a few things.  Push myself out of my comfort zone.

Here are the things that I am actively doing:

* I have signed up for a knitting class with a friend.  I used to knit, even though I wasn't very good at it.  I only made scarves but it was a hobby and I liked doing it.  This class is for beginners and I get to pick a project for the duration of the class.  Even if I only go to the class for the 4 weeks I am getting out of the house and having adult interaction!

* I am slowly easing back into church.  I haven't been attending regularly.  Why?  I have a million excuses but the main one is that it's hard for me to get out of the house with the two kids.  But Cal is old enough now that he can sit in the highchair while I take a shower.  I went to church yesterday and had a really good time. The boys played in Sunday school and I was able to get some spiritual time for myself.  I was a little outside of my comfort zone because it's a large crowd but I attend with my mother-in-law so that helps.

* I am trying to dress up more and be stylish.  Since I work from home, my go-to outfit is jeans and a t-shirt.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but my self esteem and state of mind hasn't been very good.  I want to feel better about myself and less boring.  I have been slowly picking up items of clothing that are less "mom" and more stylish.  Yesterday I purchased a pair of skinny jeans.  I am 34 years old and what you would consider plus sized.  It's okay if you want to clutch your pearls.  I sent a picture of myself wearing them to my younger sister and she approved.  I am wearing them today with my tall boots and you know what?  I feel good about myself.  I am way way way way WAY outside of my comfort zone.  I am really putting myself out there right now by posting a picture.  Don't like them?  That's fine with me!

No makeup in all my glory.

I am thinking I might need a slightly bigger size.  Fat girl wearing skinny jeans!

* I am starting to accept invitations to more events, parties, etc.  This one is huge for me.  I am very much an introvert and am shy in groups.  I have often turned down invites to things because I am socially awkward and not very cool.  I always feel like my friends are cooler than me and I don't fit in.  But, if people are inviting me places, it's because they WANT ME THERE.  I need to realize this.  I have already accepted an invite to a party for this Friday.  I also am attending my cousin's daughter's birthday party on Saturday.  I am nervous because it's going to be a group of people much cooler than me.  Maybe I will wear my skinny jeans, ha!

* I signed up to volunteer at Jack's preschool.  You can volunteer as much or as little time as you want to and you can pretty much choose what you want to do.  There are opportunities like prepping Scholastic book orders, researching a parent night activity, helping with fundraising, decorating a bulletin board or cleaning toys.  I haven't decided what I want to do yet.  It all depends on what is available in the evenings.  

* The last thing that I have started doing is planning the boys' birthday parties.  What is most shocking about this?  I am breaking my rule that I posted about just days ago:  I am using Pinterest.  I figure that I can search one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed.  I am planning the parties in advance so I have time to make some easy crafts if I so choose.  

I don't want to become so time stressed that I don't have time to do things that I love.  If at any point I become too overbooked, I will simply scale down the activities.  I want to spend as much time with my kids as I can, but I also need to have some "me" balance.  Knitting class once a week for two hours, church on Sunday and one other activity during an evening, such as a dinner out or volunteer time with the school will make me a better person and a better mom.

I also need to remember that even though I am a working mom, I work from home so I see my kids a lot during the day.  I come out of the office often and check in on the boys.  I help with breakfast, lunches, I do the preschool drop off and pickups, and I give out many hugs and kisses.

Hopefully these steps will make me feel better about myself, more well-rounded and less........BORING!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Honestly?  I am not very motivated to blog these days.  I am so swamped with work and just don't have any interesting topics.  Instead, I leave you with randoms.

* Last week, Jack decided to take a header off our bed into my desk.  I was on a conference call at work and Jack was on the bed watching tv because Jason and Cal were napping.  All of a sudden I hear, thud and then screaming.  In the second that it took me to say "Oh shit", hang up the phone and pick him up, he had split his forehead open and develop a really nasty looking goose egg.  His head didn't bleed which was so weird.  After an hour of icing it and milking sympathy, he was fine.  I called his doctor in the middle of all of this and because he wasn't showing any signs of a concussion, I didn't need to bring him in.  A week later, he still has a scab on his forehead but he's completely okay.

* Cal wanted to be just like his big brother and he took a tumble the other day too.  As you can see, he is completely thrilled with me taking his picture.  He has that lovely scrape on his forehead and that red spot above his eye.  Poor baby.

* I have been cooking a ton lately but it's all repeats.  With the exception of a few things.  I made these yummy muffins.  Just a side note that I have had these silicon muffin liners forever and have never used them. I found them in the bottom of a drawer and tried them out.  LOVE THEM!

For dinner on Monday, we had this for dinner:

Chile-Brined Roasted Pork Loin, roasted red potatoes, roasted broccoli with parmesan and rolls.  It's okay, you can be jealous.  My friend brought over two bottles of wine and enjoyed dinner with us. 

* I am taking a knitting class starting at the end of September.  My friend (yes, I have friends) asked if I would be interested.  It has been years since I have knitted anything and I would like to pick up a hobby again.  I used to only know how to knit scarves.  For the first class, you pick a project and that is what you work on during class.  I think I want to pick a hat.  I would love to be able to knit cute hats for the boys and for me!

* Jack started pre-pre-school last week.  It's for 90 minutes two times a week.  The first day the parent is supposed to stay with the child to get them comfortable in the classroom.  After that, the child is on their own.  The "school" is Montavilla Community Center through the Portland Parks program.  It's inexpensive and the teacher's credentials are great.  The class size is small (10 kiddos and 2 teachers) and they will learn lots of social and life skills.  Here are some pictures of Jack's first day at school:

In the car ready to go.  Fresh haircut, backpack, new school clothes and shoes.  

In front of school waiting to go in.  Not sure why he's giving the stink face.

Exploring the new toys.

Overall, he did great!  He still cries a wee bit at drop off but as soon as I am out the door, he stops.  He also is on his best behavior.  I asked his teacher if he plays well with other kids, shares, hits, etc.  He does share, does not hit and is pretty good.  He does need to be told to sit still and come sit with the others but that is manageable.  What can I say?  My kid loves to run around.

* I cleaned our our linen closet.  I am embarrassed to show you the before.  But here goes.

And the after.  Not too shabby.  I have been putting this project off as well as cleaning my kitchen cabinets out.  Even though they don't take much time, they are a pain in the ass to do.

* I made Jack a really cool snack yesterday.  If you are a Pinterest fan (which I am not but that's beside the point) you have probably seen the snack in the muffin tin.  I gave him grapes, raspberries, some dry cereal, goldfish crackers and mini peanut butter crackers.  He stared at me like I was crazy.

* Here is why I hate Pinterest:  I feel overwhelmed and like I have ADHD.  Plus, I am not crafty.  At all.  I will occasionally log on to see if I have changed my mind and then immediately get out.  Too.Much.Stuff!  I do have a couple of boards that I use for recipes and a couple of other random boards but I hardly ever update them.

* Both boys are sleeping pretty well at night.  Cal is waking up about 2 times (now I just jinxed myself) and Jack usually sleeps through.  However, the past few nights Jack has complained about either leg or foot pain.  I think it's growing pains.  I remember being his age and having really bad aches in my legs and crying a lot about it.  

* I am trying to find a fun family activity for this Saturday.  One that we can go to in the morning and the boys can have their nap in the afternoon.  I am considering Sauvie's Island.  Jack can enjoy the barn, I can enjoy the fresh produce and Jason........Well maybe Jason won't love it that much but oh well. I need someone else to help me wrangle a child.  

And because there just aren't enough pictures in this post. Enjoy a couple of my cute kiddos.

Excited about bath time!

I wanted to post one of him standing up but don't want to show baby peen on the blog.

"Playing" together on the couch.  This is rare folks.  Jack is usually trying to roll on, take toys or generally not be nice to his brother.

That's all for now.  One day I will be inspired to post interesting stuff.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cal is 8 Months!

Happy 8 Months little man!

You are a wild child that is for sure!  You are so much more fearless than your big brother.  And just as sweet, if not more so.

Here are some more things you are up to this month.

* Oh my goodness do you LOVE to eat!  There haven't been many foods that you don't care for.  Green beans aren't your favorite.  And I gave you a pouch of minestrone with beans and greens which you didn't care for.  Other than that, you will eat anything that touches your tray.  Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be on your tray for you to eat it.  You will grab food off of Jack's tray.  Because of this, we need to keep you separated while he's eating.  You will also grab food off the floor.  The carpet fibers from the cat tree look like food to you so we are constantly fishing those out of your mouth along with bits of paper, and a piece of cat food once.  Your favorite is still bananas.

* Speaking of eating, you are up to three meals a day now.  Usually you get a puree or yogurt for breakfast, a "meal" of mixed veggies and turkey or something similar for lunch.  Dinner is the most fun.  You get bits of food.  Sometimes it's what we are eating, sometimes it's your own meal.  Your favorite bits of food to eat are cooked carrot, most fruits and sometimes pieces of bread with peanut butter.

* You are such a growing boy.  You are solidly in 9 month pants but I will probably need to move you up to 12 month soon because you are pretty darn tall.  You wear 9 or 12 month sleepers.

* Sleep is still a learning process.  You go down in your crib around 7:45 every night and wake up about 3 times.  There are many nights where you wake more than that and just as many where you wake only twice. While I was in Denver, you officially slept through the night!  You stay in your crib the entire night but if you happen to wake after 4:30, we snuggle together and get another hour or two of sleep.  You generally wake for the day when big brother wakes up around 6:30.

* You learned to wave this past month!  Daddy was saying "hi" and waving to you and you started doing it back to him!  It is super cute.

* You no longer army crawl.  In the matter of a couple of days, you learned to crawl up on all fours like a pro.  You move so fast too.  I need to get a good video of you crawling.  It's like second nature to you!

* Guess what else you are doing?  When I got back from Denver, you were pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING!  You pull up on our coffee table, people's legs, the couch, even yucky stuff like the toilet seat.  Along with the pulling up comes all the bonking.  You fall quite often but it's usually because you are pushed or lose your balance.  When you need to get down, you just bend your legs and fall on your butt.  You fall at least twice a day.  Usually you just bonk a little but once in a while you will get a bruise from the floor.  On Saturday you fell over a toy and split your lip.  Your first injury!

* You officially say "Mama" and "Bahbah" which Daddy and I think is for brother.  You crawl around the house saying "Bahbahbah" looking for Jack.

* Jack is your best bud.  He doesn't think the same about you but boy do you admire him.  You try to play with him and are always fascinated by what he is doing.

* No teeth yet!  I thought for sure you would have one by now with all the drooling and crankiness that you have been experiencing but still nothing.

We love you big boy.  Keep growing into your own little person.  It's so much fun seeing what you are becoming.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Office Style

I had a post started about pumping while traveling when I realize how boring that would be.  Instead, you are going to be subjected to what I wore while I was in Denver and working in the office.  That is much more interesting right?

Please keep in mind that I have no sense of style.  At all.  I buy and wear what I like and looks somewhat flattering on me.  I also have a crappy camera and can't figure out how to turn off the flash so you get pictures of the outfits but not me wearing them.


I was traveling this day so I needed something fairly comfortable and would hide stains in case I sat in something questionable.  In the end, my outfit was fine but my shoes were painful.  Don't buy new shoes before a trip without breaking them in!

Top:  Apt. 9 from Kohl's
Pants:  Dress Barn
Shoes:  Kelly and Katie from DSW

Close up of the shoes.  Although cute, very painful!  This lady isn't used to wearing heels anymore.


Another pants day.  Another day for uncomfortable shoes.  After Tuesday I decided that I needed some more comfortable shoes so I made the trek to the mall and bought some.  Pathetic.

Tank top:  Merona for Target
Cardigan:  Merona for Target
Pants:  Apt. 9 for Kohl's
Shoes:  CL by Chinese Laundry

I was going to wear my cardigan unbuttoned but since the girls are huge because of breastfeeding and a creepy coworker, I decided to keep it buttoned.

Close up of the cardigan and the shoes.


Thank God for flats.  I have had these shoes for a while and they certainly came in handy.  The top is also a maternity top (shut up, it's comfortable) but you can't tell when I am wearing it.

Top:  Maternity from Kohl's
Cardigan:  Apt. 9 from Kohl's
Pants:  Dress Barn
Shoes:  Mootsie Tootsie from Kohl's

Close up of the shoes:


You can't see the beauty of the shirt in this picture but it's super pretty.  It's silk and very flattering on.  It covers my belly that I am still trying to get rid of (stupid c-section).  The skirt is outside of my clothes comfort zone but I think it looked nice on, plus it's in the trendy color blocking pattern that is going on right now.

Top and skirt:  Dress Barn
Shoes:  Bandolino from Macy's
Necklace:  Kohl's

Close up of the necklace and shoes:

The shoes have a snakeskin pattern to them and they are VERY comfy.  Thank goodness!  And I am not sure what the deal was with my shoes but if you notice, they are all patent leather.  


I was traveling this day and wanted something comfortable to wear.  I have a hard time wearing dresses because of my body shape.  I am a plus-sized pear.  I usually have to wear wrap dresses in order to be able to wear one at all.

It's hard to tell from the picture but the dress is actually in the blue and purple family.  I paired it with a tank top because it is fairly low-cut.

Dress:  Apt. 9 from Kohl's
Tank top:  Mossimo Long and Lean from Target
Shoes:  Bandolino from Macy's
Necklace:  It was my Memere's.  It's a gold leaf.

I wore more jewelry than these pictures show.  Most days I wore earrings and a ring too.  I just didn't take pictures.

It was nice to dress up for the week but boy, I am glad to be back to my jeans and t-shirts that I wear on a daily basis.