Monday, September 10, 2012

Cal is 8 Months!

Happy 8 Months little man!

You are a wild child that is for sure!  You are so much more fearless than your big brother.  And just as sweet, if not more so.

Here are some more things you are up to this month.

* Oh my goodness do you LOVE to eat!  There haven't been many foods that you don't care for.  Green beans aren't your favorite.  And I gave you a pouch of minestrone with beans and greens which you didn't care for.  Other than that, you will eat anything that touches your tray.  Sometimes, it doesn't even have to be on your tray for you to eat it.  You will grab food off of Jack's tray.  Because of this, we need to keep you separated while he's eating.  You will also grab food off the floor.  The carpet fibers from the cat tree look like food to you so we are constantly fishing those out of your mouth along with bits of paper, and a piece of cat food once.  Your favorite is still bananas.

* Speaking of eating, you are up to three meals a day now.  Usually you get a puree or yogurt for breakfast, a "meal" of mixed veggies and turkey or something similar for lunch.  Dinner is the most fun.  You get bits of food.  Sometimes it's what we are eating, sometimes it's your own meal.  Your favorite bits of food to eat are cooked carrot, most fruits and sometimes pieces of bread with peanut butter.

* You are such a growing boy.  You are solidly in 9 month pants but I will probably need to move you up to 12 month soon because you are pretty darn tall.  You wear 9 or 12 month sleepers.

* Sleep is still a learning process.  You go down in your crib around 7:45 every night and wake up about 3 times.  There are many nights where you wake more than that and just as many where you wake only twice. While I was in Denver, you officially slept through the night!  You stay in your crib the entire night but if you happen to wake after 4:30, we snuggle together and get another hour or two of sleep.  You generally wake for the day when big brother wakes up around 6:30.

* You learned to wave this past month!  Daddy was saying "hi" and waving to you and you started doing it back to him!  It is super cute.

* You no longer army crawl.  In the matter of a couple of days, you learned to crawl up on all fours like a pro.  You move so fast too.  I need to get a good video of you crawling.  It's like second nature to you!

* Guess what else you are doing?  When I got back from Denver, you were pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING!  You pull up on our coffee table, people's legs, the couch, even yucky stuff like the toilet seat.  Along with the pulling up comes all the bonking.  You fall quite often but it's usually because you are pushed or lose your balance.  When you need to get down, you just bend your legs and fall on your butt.  You fall at least twice a day.  Usually you just bonk a little but once in a while you will get a bruise from the floor.  On Saturday you fell over a toy and split your lip.  Your first injury!

* You officially say "Mama" and "Bahbah" which Daddy and I think is for brother.  You crawl around the house saying "Bahbahbah" looking for Jack.

* Jack is your best bud.  He doesn't think the same about you but boy do you admire him.  You try to play with him and are always fascinated by what he is doing.

* No teeth yet!  I thought for sure you would have one by now with all the drooling and crankiness that you have been experiencing but still nothing.

We love you big boy.  Keep growing into your own little person.  It's so much fun seeing what you are becoming.

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