Monday, December 9, 2013

Projects Lately

I have made a TON of gifts lately so I thought I would put them all in a post for everyone to enjoy.

Bus Hat

This is a gift for my cousin's husband (does that make him my cousin too?  I don't know....).  She said a simple color would be best but I wanted to make a fancier than normal hat.  The result was this fun pattern.

The yarn I used is a dark grey by Berocco Vintage (one of my favorite yarns).  I hope he likes it!

Teddy Bear

This guy looks super cute.  But seriously, he was a pain.  Only because I had to seam all the pieces and my seaming is terrible.  That is actually why he's wearing a scarf - because the seam is so bad that he looks like he has been decapitated.

See what I mean about all the pieces?  Eeek!

I wish my picture could show just how cool this is.  The cable is subtle but you can still tell it's a skull.  This hat is for my cousin.  I hope he likes it!

Again, I used one of my favorite yarns, Berocco Vintage in grey.

This guy looks hard, but honestly?  Easy!  And fun!  This is by far one of my most favorite projects.  Look how cute he turned out!  And the best part was minimal seaming.  

His head and body are all one piece, see?

So cute!  I want to make some for my kids now!  

This is not a rabbit for anyone I know named Henry.  As a matter of fact, it's for my cousin's little girl Hazel.  I still have to sew its eyes on but here is the bun.  I like how it has one small, different color for the tail.  I think it would be fun to stripe it like an actual bunny.  That would take some planning on my part though.

Striped Hat

I don't have a pattern for this one.  It's my own original pattern.  I just cast on the amount of stitches that is pretty standard for an adult male hat.  I was going to do plain, but I had some leftover green yarn and made a few stripes.  

The green shows up very lime-ish in the picture whereas it's more of a Kelly green.

These were so simple to make.  Both hats, including the sewing, took about 3 hours.  I made two, one for each of my boys. 

Jack kept thanking me over and over again.  He would run up to me, hug me, and say "Thank you so much for my Santa hat mama.  I love it".  

Clearly, they hate these hats based on the sad faces.

Even though most of my Christmas projects are almost over, I have a ton of projects lined up for the new year.  I will never run out of fun things to knit!

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