Thursday, June 12, 2014

In My (Knitting) Bag

I thought it would be fun to post what I keep in my knitting bag.  Obviously, this post is only interesting if you are a knitter but if not, I suppose you can enjoy the fun colored yarn.

Here is my fun bag.  I bought it on my mom's co-op for $6 (really).  It has handles a zipper top which is great.  It is large and stores a ton of stuff. 

Here is some leftover yarn from a hat that I just finished.  I should probably put it in my stash since i don't need it in my bag.  Yarn Credit:  Berroco Vintage in Aster.

I always have a ton of needles for projects I am working on or have finished up.  I occasionally go through my bag and put away any needles that I am done working with.  Needle Credit: Hiya Hiya, and ChiaoGoo,

Here is some yarn for projects I haven't started with.  The purple will be for a hat and the turquoise for some socks.  Yarn Credit:  Berroco Vintage in Dried Plum and Crystal Palace Panda Silk yarn.

My notions box is a mess.  I need to clean it out.  I always keep this in my bag because it has all my necessities:  Scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, crochet hook, cabling needles, darning needles, needle gauge, needle caps and extra needles.  The box was from Michael's and think it cost a whopping $2.00.

Oh look!  A finished sock.  I started on the other one yesterday.

Random pattern.  I have every intent to start this.  I have the needles and yarn.

Project bags.  I use these bags to keep yarn and projects I am working on.  They are actually produce bags but I re-purposed them for something else.  

A cotton farmer's market shopping bag I am working on.  Yarn Credit:  Berroco Modern Cotton in Bluebird.

Yarn for the sock above and the new one I started.  Yarn Credit:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Farmhouse.

Work in progress.  A slipper sock that is complete.  I just need to start the other one.  The yarn is gorgeous and incredibly soft.  It's made from baby alpaca.  Yarn Credit:  Foothills Yarn and Fiber.  I believe the name is Clematis.  It was hand dyed at their shop and you can't buy it online.

Seeing all of this makes me motivated to get some projects done!

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  1. I'm excited for my hat! Those socks look super comfy, too!