Saturday, November 14, 2009

GD Hell

GD stands for gestational diabetes if you didn't already know that. Last week, I went in for my one hour glucose tolerance test. I figured I would pass with no problem since I had fasted since the night before. No problem!

I called my doctor on Tuesday since I hadn't heard my results, and guess what? BIG FAT FAIL. I failed miserably. 162 and my doctor likes to see the results at 140. Soooo, time for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.

Here is what that entails:

* Fasting for twelve hours prior (no problem)
* Blood sugar check first thing in the morning to see what your fasting level is (no problem)
* Drinking the lovely orange drink in five minutes. Twice the glucose from the one hour (gross!)
* Three more blood sugar checks. One at one hour after drinking, the second two hours after, the third three hours after (a pain).

Normally, this wouldn't be a huge deal. However, I couldn't take my anti-nausea medication this morning. Plus, you can't eat or drink anything other than water until after the last draw. Ugh. And you can't leave. So, I was sitting out in the lab waiting room for three hours. I brought homework to pass the time.

I have no idea what my results are. Quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I had GD. Considering how much I love Thanksgiving and how much I am looking forward to it, I wouldn't be surprised. I won't be able to eat a darn thing other than turkey. I figure if I do have GD, I will boycott Thanksgiving. What could be worse than watching your entire family eat delicious, delicious pie, sweet potatoes and stuffing while I can't have any? Seriously, that would be torture to me.

So, on top of the diet that I am already on, I might have to alter it again. All I know is that with GD you have to severely limit your carb intake. I can do it, but boy, will I be happy when this little guy is born!

I should know my results on Monday. I know it's not the end of the world, but for someone that hasn't had the easiest pregnancy, it would just be yet another thing I have to worry about.

I will stay positive.

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