Monday, March 17, 2014

9 Weeks, 24.2 Pounds

I haven't officially "announced" because I am terrified of jinxing of myself, but it's time.

I am back on Weight Watchers.  I have been on plan for 9 weeks and have lost a total of 24.2 pounds.  What!?!?!  How is that possible?

It is possible because I am sticking with the plan.  Is it hard?  Not really.  What is different this time?  I am not sure.  I am not sure if it was just time, or I was finally sick of how I felt and looked.

All I know is that I am feeling great and really proud of myself.  I am not going to be announcing what my ultimate goal is - maybe I will as I get closer.  For now I am just going to keep on truckin'.

Here is what I am doing that I am finding really works for me.  These same things might not work for you, so if you have some tips or tricks, I would love to hear them.

* Eat protein at every meal, including your snacks.  Breakfast usually consists of a homemade breakfast sandwich with an egg.  Lunch has some sort of meat or protein (egg, Greek yogurt, cheese, etc.) and so does my snack.  Lately my favorite snack is hummus with cut up celery.  Who knew that I would actually crave crunchy stuff like celery?

* Allow yourself a treat every day.  I don't feel like my day is complete without eating some kind of dessert.  Whether it be a Weight Watchers ice cream treat, a banana sundae (a roasted banana topped with a bit of peanut butter and chocolate chips) or even one Oreo cookie.  I need something sweet.  I always always always save a few Points for a sweet treat.

* Use some Flex Points.  I use some every week.  I haven't had a week yet where I use them all, but I am sure if I did, I would still lose weight.  I try to use a couple every day and about 15 for the weekends.  If we go out to dinner, eat over at my in-laws, or I go out for a coffee date with my friend, I have some extra Points to spare.  I went to the beach this weekend and ate out most of my meals.  I used some of my Flex Points but not all.  I made smart choices (a Gardenburger for lunch one day, a small slice of pizza for dinner, a piece of grilled fish) and still felt satisfied.

* Have a good attitude.  This sounds hokey, but this is one of the biggest ones for me.  I don't feel like I am deprived.  I think if I did, I would not be successful.  I eat what I WANT, I know that I can CHOOSE to eat something if I want to.  I don't focus on the CANNOTS.  I CAN eat that piece of candy if I want to.  I CAN have a glass of wine.  I CAN have a second serving of dinner.  I just account for those Points if that is what I choose to do.

I really hope to keep good progress.  I want to feel good about myself this summer.  I want to be able to wear capris or shorts without being embarrassed about my body.

The next post I do will probably be about my latest recipes that I have been making.  I have been having a great time meal planning and cooking awesome food.

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  1. Yayayayay! You're inspiring me to track, track, track!