Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Fooooood

I have been making tons of new recipes these days and they are all Weight Watchers friendly.

Also, semi-related, I got a new phone and it takes MUCH better pictures than my old one.

All recipes have the Points Plus values listed unless they were not available.

Balsamic Pork
5 Points Plus

This is from one of my favorite recipe websites:  Skinny Taste

I think I took out too much of the liquid out at the end of the recipe.  It was too dry but still very tasty.  I shredded this and served it alongside potatoes (sweet for me, regular for Jason).  Next time, I will definitely keep more of the liquid so it's more moist.

Santa Fe Chicken
4 Points Plus

Another recipe from SkinnyTaste! This was pretty good and reminded me of her Chicken Taco Chili which is probably my favorite SkinnyTaste recipe of all time.

I love making these in the crockpot because it is so easy and takes the worry out of "what am I going to make for dinner?".

I served this over rice with a ton of cilantro on top (my current favorite herb) and a tiny bit of cheese.  Amazingly filling and delicious!

Stuffed Pepper Soup
7 Points Plus

If you are looking for an easy and DELICIOUS soup, this is it.  You can stop looking.  I have made this before and love it.  It has a tomato base which, if you need any of my previous posts, is my favorite.  Tomato is my favorite food and I could eat it at every meal.

You get a nice big serving for very few Points, which is something that I look for in a recipe.  The Points Plus includes the serving of rice that is shown on top of the soup.  This is a well rounded meal if you add another veggie.  I usually have a salad or a roasted green vegetable of some sort.

4 Points Plus

This recipe is SO GOOD.  I have made it a couple of times and served it alongside rice and tostones.  

Any meal that makes both Jason and I happy is a good one.  My kids didn't eat it although they did eat the tostones (I called them chips).  It's easy, takes minimal ingredients and delicious.

7 Points Plus

I have never cooked with chorizo before and to be honest, I probably won't again.  Although it tasted good, it was messy and kind of smelly.  I was expecting sausage bits and not sausage soup when this was cooking.

While this tasted good, it was messy.  And it's hard to make eggs to suit both parties.  I like my eggs runnier and Jason prefers hard.  I had to pull my serving out early and it was fine but still an extra step.  

Serve this with fruit and it's a perfect breakfast or dinner.

8 Points Plus

So I found a new favorite recipe website:  Emily Bites.  All her recipes are Points Plus friendly and delicious!  Everything I have made is yummy and easy.  It's nice to have another website to look at recipes for.

This pasta was good.  It was a deviation from my standard tomato sauce pastas.  Jason liked it and the kids maybe ate a bite (hey, that is a start!).  It made a ton of pasta and I ended up eating leftovers for lunch over the next few days.

It has a little bit of heat and I actually added extra heat since we like spicy stuff in this house.

5 Points Plus

This recipe was amazing!  I feel like I say that a lot but you know what?  I either pick good recipes or I just don't post the bad ones.  Trust me, there are some flops.

Jason adored this.  So much that he asked me to make it again.

It is easy.  You simply cut the chicken up, throw it in a bag and add the marinade ingredients.  When it's ready to cook, put the chicken on skewers and grill.  I used my grill pan for this since I didn't want to trek outside in the gross weather to fire up the grill.

I served this with peanut rice noodles with a ton of cilantro and roasted cinnamon pineapple.  So goooooooood!  

I didn't have the peanut butter powder the recipe called for so I improvised and used regular peanut butter and only served myself a tiny bit of the sauce.  Can I just say how much I am loving cilantro lately?  I feel like I serve it and use it in everything.  I love it.  

4 Points Plus

These were decent.  I might make them again.  I am not sure if I used the wrong cheese or cooked the cheese sauce too long but the sauce ended up a little grainy.  Don't get me wrong, they were still edible!  I like how individual portions are already taken care of so you don't have to worry about over-eating.

I allowed myself two muffins since I had other low Point food in my dinner.

That is all the recipes for today.  I have a ton more to post but I will save those for another day.  If you make any of these, post a comment and tell me what you think!

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