Friday, November 18, 2011


Today is Friday and I have today off!  I have extra vacation time that I need to use up before the end of the year and my mother-in-law is out of town today (she usually watches Jack on Fridays) so a day off today worked out great.

* I took Jack to the Children's Museum today.  He had a blast playing in the water room, in the Lego exhibit and in the dig pit.  He is very much an independent player and doesn't pay any attention to the other kiddos.

* He strung together two words yesterday!  He has done this before but it's usually like "Bye dog" or "Hi kitty".  Yesterday?  It was "More milk".  Jack has also recently started saying Thank You.  It comes out more like "Dang ooo" but hey, it works.  It's never too early to teach good manners.

* We are finally sick free in our home.  After roughly three weeks of stomach viruses, colds, and other maladies, we feel much better!  Jack is now back on milk and very happy about it.  Now what to do with a half gallon of chocolate soy milk?

* Jason and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend and while we had a good time, it sucked that Jason was sick.  We had a nice dinner, breakfast and tons of conversation.  The room wasn't our favorite (it would have been more enjoyable had the pillows been comfortable) but all in all, it was a nice break.  I even enjoyed a glass of wine.  I sipped it over two hours and it will be the only alcoholic beverage for this pregnancy. 

* I am starting to feel a little better about Cal coming.  I managed to put together a nine bin storage unit for the boy's bedroom and went through eight Rubbermaid bins of baby stuff.  It is now all organized and labeled.  The newborn to 3 month sizes are all washed and mostly put away.  So if this little man comes now, at least he has clothes to wear!

* Christmas shopping is underway.  I am a slacker this year and started late.  Jason ordered Jack a Schwinn tricycle and I ordered a wooden play kitchen.  Those will be Jack's "big" gifts.  We will also be stuffing a stocking for him and possibly getting two more small gifts.  I want to make a run to WalMart (normally I am not a fan) on Sunday for some stocking stuffers for the rest of my family.

* Jack has been sporadically sleeping through the night.  His sleep overall has improved and I couldn't be happier.  Murphy's Law says that he will start sleeping great right in time for Cal to make his appearance.

* We decided to keep the tiny kitten I rescued last week.  After a clean bill of health from the vet and falling in love in about 10 minutes, little Lisa is now a part of our family.  She is extremely energetic and has that "kitten" personality.  You know, the kind where they climb curtains and run all over the place?  She loves playing with Jack's toys.

* My c-section is officially scheduled.  January 10th at 7:30am.  We need to report to the hospital at 5:30am and by around 8:30, we should have a new baby!  This is barring that he doesn't come any earlier.  Don't get any ideas Cal.

* Jason has less than a month of work left before he quits to be a stay-at-home-Dad.  We are both nervous.  Him for having the responsibility for taking care of two kiddos.  Me for the financial burden and being the sole bread-winner.  We have discussed it and if it doesn't work out, it would be perfectly fine for him to go back to work.  I won't hold it against him and he won't feel embarrassed that it didn't work out.

That's about it for us this week.  I am 31.5 weeks pregnant.  Just about 7.5 to go before we have our new addition!

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