Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unexpected Kitten

This morning as I was driving Jack to daycare, I was crossing a very busy intersection and noticed something running across the road.  I slowed down, expecting it to be a rat, but instead, it was a kitten!  It was a small little guy in the middle of a very busy street.  I swung into the center turn lane, threw on my hazards and got out hoping to grab the kitty.

Little kitty ran away and under a fence before I could grab it.  I felt awful.  I jumped back in my car and drove about half a block and saw another kitten!  This one was in the gutter and I was able to safely pull over, grab it and then get back in the car.  Don't fret moms out there.  Jack was safe the whole time.  I didn't go far enough away from the car that he was in danger. 

I held the kitty on my lap and dropped Jack off at daycare.  Poor little thing was shivering and purring at the same time.  And I will be honest, she smelled. 

I can only assume that some asshole dumped a litter of kittens.  The area is all businesses and no houses nearby so I don't think they would have escaped from a house.  I didn't see a momma cat nearby.  They might be feral but regardless, that situation is not safe for a tiny kitten.  They would have gotten run over.

Kitty came home with me and I woke Jason up to help me bathe her.  Like I said, she was stinky.  Of course being the softie that he is, he instantly fell in love with her.  I keep referring to her as a her because she's a calico and most calicos are girls.  I believe the percentage is 95% girls.  She was such a good girl while we were bathing her.  She just sat in the sink and mewed a little bit. 

Once we got her cleaned off, I put a towel in our kitty carrier and put here in there away from the other cats.  I let her rest for a while and got some cat food and wet it down with some canned food.  She scarfed it down immediately.  I will run to the store later and pick up some actual kitten food.

Now here's the issue.  We don't need another cat.  I know Jason wants to keep her but we really can't take another cat.  I have put my feelers out and asked my in-laws if they want her.  My mother in law is coming over this afternoon to see her and I have a feeling she is going to fall in love.  Good!  They can have her.  If they don't want her, I am going to negotiate with Jason.  One of our other cats needs to be put to sleep.  She has health issues that aren't getting any better and she isn't living a productive life.  She has needed to be put down for quite a while but Jason just can't bear to part with her.

I feel guilty.  I feel guilty that I couldn't grab anymore kittens.  I even drove back the same way on the way home to see if I could spot anymore kittens.  I am so scared that they are going to get run over.  I wish I had done more to find the others.  I feel guilty about thinking of putting our older cat down.  Why is guilt such a nasty rude emotion?  I know deep down I did what I could to at least save this one.

What makes me the most mad is how anyone could dump a litter of kittens?  It was an incredibly busy road and they were going to get run over.  How hard is it to take the kittens to the Humane Society if you don't want them?  Or post an ad on Craig's List?  There are always people that want to adopt kittens.  Especially ones with a sweet face like this girl.

I think "kitty" is still young to be away from mom even though she ate some cat food.  I would guess she's around 5 to 6 weeks old.  She is still too little to use the big cat litter box so I temporarily made her a litter box out of a box lid (I think I am already smitten, ugh!).

At any rate, that is the story of the unexpected kitten.  Please pray that those other babies got rescued and not run over.

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