Monday, April 8, 2013


Get ready for a huge photo dump.  I made an effort to get my camera and take a ton of pictures on Easter.

On Saturday, we had beautiful weather.  Like 70 degree and sunny beautiful.  My friend Michelle throws a huge party every year for her nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors.  I brought the boys and am so glad.  They had an absolute blast.

Cal had fun just going up and down Michelle's door step.  Up and down, up and down.

Having fun playing with "bah!"

Jack found a dirt pile in her back yard.  He would have happily played with this all day.

The field behind her house.  I am jealous.

She had a table set up for kids to play with PlayDoh.

The dessert table

Food!!  I brought the colorful veggie tray, hummus and mini sandwiches.  Isn't her kitchen beautiful?

Flower pot favors for the kids.

Jack enjoying some sidewalk chalk

Cal enjoying (crumbling) some chalk

Egg hunt time!  She had 230 eggs hidden for all the kids to find.

Jack found one!

Cal found one too!  All on his own.

Checking out their loot.

I love his little tongue.  Soooooo serious.

Jason's Easter basket 

The boys' baskets

Baskets from Nana

Jack immediately digging into a Peep over at Nana's.

Cal opening and enjoying a Peep

A BALL!  He is super into balls these days.

Bubble gun!

He loved seeing what was in each egg

Opening an egg

Egg hunt outside!

Cal found an egg!

Jack found an egg too!

Showing me his egg basket

Cal enjoying the slide

Look how many eggs he got!

My kids are so much fun

I made these yummy pink lemonade cupcakes. I was joking that the frosting looks like deviled egg filling.

Cal enjoying the bubble gun

Nana explaining how it works

Daddy and Jack.  A rare picture of Daddy.

We had such a nice Easter.  I love that both boys are at the age where they "get" everything that is going on. Even Cal understood what to do and how to enjoy his eggs.  With the weather being as beautiful as it was, I am very much looking forward to spring.

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