Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happenings Lately

It has been a crazy past few weeks.  In no particular order of importance, here is what has been going on.

* Jack had his second ear tube surgery on the 19th of April.  He had his adenoids removed also (did you know the actual term is adenoid?  You only have one.) and he did pretty well.  I will probably do a full post dedicated to his surgery.

* We got a puppy!  His name is Beauregard Doggie Emmett.  We call him Beau.  After we missed an opportunity to adopt a different puppy from the Oregon Humane Society, we found this little (big) guy. He is a Boxer/Border Collie mix.  He is 13 weeks old and so far, a very good dog.  He came fully potty trained but since he had a dog door at his other house, we have had a few set backs.  He has an appointment to get neutered, micro-chipped and his second set of vaccines next Monday.  Wish us luck!

* I am doing Weight Watchers again.  It has gotten to the point where I am embarrassed to be around people, leave the house or even do anything because I look terrible.  My clothes don't fit, the ones I do have are ugly and I feel very unattractive.  I have fallen off the WW wagon so many times before.  I just really hope to make myself accountable this time and remember that I can have a bad day but I need to start over fresh the next day.  I can do this!

* Speaking of Weight Watchers, I am trying something a little different this time.  I am trying to eat more "whole" foods rather than a lot of processed things.  That isn't to say that I won't have some processed stuff but in the past, I have relied on a lot of packaged, processed items.  I don't think they have filled me up and satisfied me.  This time?  More veggies, less processed foods.  I will post about what types of things I am eating and include a sample menu.

* The boys are doing really well.  Jack is finishing up his first year of "school" and Cal is talking, talking, talking.  I owe Jack a full post dedicated to himself.  He cracks me up on a daily basis with some of the stuff he says.

* I have been slacking on my knitting but I went to a Stitch and Bitch the other day and remembered how much I love knitting.  I need to make a goal of going tablet/internet free in the evenings after the kids are in bed.  I figure this way I can knit and get a project done.  I really want to give away a lot of homemade gifts this year and knitting is really the best way to go!

* The weather has been so beautiful here and I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I plan to take the boys to the zoo!  Also?  We have a bid in on a fence for our backyard.  It will be so awesome to be able to leave our back door open so the boys and dog can come and go.  I need to drag our patio furniture out and get that set up in the backyard again.

That is about it.  I promise to blog more often.  I swear.  I have so many things to write about!

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