Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School

::SOB::  I have a preschooler!  Although Jack went to school last year, it was not as structured or as "official" as this year.

I have a preschooler.  He is so big!

Jack was lucky enough to get the same teacher and TA this year (I applied for that specific class) and he is thrilled!  He adores Miss Vanessa and Mr. Jacob.  He will attend twice a week for two hours at a time.  I am so glad the school is less than a mile from our house.  Drop off and pick up is so easy.

I took the pictures below and Jack had no problem getting settled in for his first day.  He walked right in and sat down at a learning table.  He was also really glad to see some of his friends from last year.  There are three other returning students in his class.  Again, the boy to girl ratio is way off!  Last year, out of 10 students, 2 were girls.  This year, out of 12 students, 3 are girls!

Here's to an awesome year at preschool!

My big boy.  My goodness!


  1. So cute! I can't believe how big he is!

  2. Wow preschool already?!