Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Hoorays!

I feel so happy this morning. I have three things to celebrate. In no particular order:

1. I can drink regular drip coffee without getting sick
2. I have completed my maternity bottom wardrobe
3. I don't have any sign of morning sickness

While grocery shopping yesterday, I decided I would give drip coffee another whirl. I passed the flavored creamer section and thought "Hmmm, french vanilla Coffee Mate sure sounds good". So, I picked up a bottle and decided to try it this morning. I haven't brewed coffee in this house since very early in my pregnancy. I haven't been able to take more than a sip or two before my stomach starts to turn. I have been living on the occasional latte (which gets expensive) or a can of Coke (too much sugar).

Can I get an amen? I am currently sitting here drinking my alotted cup of regular coffee with some French Vanilla Coffee Mate creamer. Thank the Lord!

Jason and I went shopping yesterday in search of maternity pants. I have a pair of black pants that I bought on clearance at JC Penney several weeks ago. Armed with willpower and a coupon, we trudged back to JC Penney. I tried on every single pair of pants they sold along with a black skirt. I didn't care for how any of them fit me. They were all thin and showed every wrinkle and bulge in my legs. Not flattering. I did buy the black skirt and I did pick up the last pair of brown pants on clearance. Those managed to not make me look like a tub of cottage cheese.

On to Motherhood Maternity. God bless my husband. I promised him only one store for pants, however, he willingly went with me to Motherhood. There, I bought a pair of grey pants and a nice black dress on clearance. Halleluah! So, with the exception of a pair of jeans, my bottoms to my maternity wardrobe are complete. I now have a black skirt, black dress, black pants, brown pants and grey pants. As long as I add fun accessories and mix up my tops, I think I can still manage to look stylish.

Finally, I forgot my B6 and Unisom yesterday. I thought I would go without it for a day to see what happens. Usually when I do this, the next day, I feel sick. Well, so far so good! I am not feeling sick today. I will take that as a very good sign! Maybe I am out of the morning sickness woods?

At any rate, it's a good day. Granted, I haven't showered or left the house and as long as I don't get into a car accident or my house burns down, my day should continue to go well.

Can I get a hip hip hooray!?

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