Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woe is Me

Well, it's come to be that time. The time when clothing no longer fits me correctly. I wore my favorite pair of pants last week and they were so tight around the middle that I could hardly breathe. So, today, the husband and I are heading to the mall. I promised him that I would only drag him to one store. That store will be JC Penney since I had such good luck there the last time.

I have a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon so let's hope that I am able to buy some decent pants. If I am lucky, maybe I will be able to swing a dress too. A black dress would be great because I could wear different colored sweaters over it and make it look different. I am trying not to be too limited in my thinking, but I am really hoping for some brown pants. I already have a pair of black so I need some variety!

I leave for Vegas in a little over a week. Thankfully I still have capris and t-shirts that fit me. I saved some of my regular clothes from last summer before I lost a bunch of weight. I still have several pairs of pre-pregnancy shorts and capris that fit me quite nicely.

Can you imagine a 15-week pregnant lady in Vegas? I hope so, because that will be me.

Woe is me. I hope to find some clothing that fits me today. Wish me luck!

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