Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hippy Hair

This picture shows several things: The fact that I can't seem to put a pacifier in my son's mouth correctly, the obvious proof that Jack is adorable, and he has hippy hair.

See those long, wispy hairs above his ear? I am constantly pushing and tucking them back behind his ears. I won't cut them though. I refuse to believe that my son is old enough for any sort of haircut.

My husband thinks otherwise.

I will win this fight.

The conversation this morning went something like this:

J: "It's really time to cut those hairs." (after kissing Jack and getting tickled by his long hairs).

R: "No way, it's not going to happen."

J: "He looks like a hippy. I don't want my son to be a hippy."

R: "He is a little baby. He does not look like a hippy. Didn't your dad hate your hair when you were younger because it was long? And didn't you refuse to cut it?"

J: "Yes, but that's besides the point."

WRONG! It is the point. Our son is not getting a haircut. He can keep those wispy, baby hairs.

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