Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full Disclosure

I took this idea from someone else's blog (thanks Kristal!). Although I consider myself a really good mom, I sometimes have a few "fail" moments. Here is my full disclosure post about some of my not-so-perfect moments.

* I still swaddle Jack for naps and for his first "put down" of the night. Ummmm, he's 8 months old. In my defense, I one-arm swaddle him and he's seriously like trying to tame a tazmanian devil. I might stop soon. Or not.

* We give Jack Costco brand formula. That stuff is way cheaper than the $20 a can elsewhere. His reflux is all but gone and he eats more consistently now.

* Sometimes, I just need to eat. I don't do it often, but I have put Sesame Street on and plunked Jack in front of the television so I can eat a meal. He loves Big Bird.

* I am really good about tuning out his fussing. He fusses all.the.time. You get good at ignoring it after a while. If I know he's not hungry and just fussing to be held or fussing to fuss, I will continue on with my folding laundry or dishes. He isn't going to die.

* Jack's new annoying thing is to crawl into our pantry and play in the cat's water bowl. I pull him out all the time. Today, I was just finishing up my morning coffee and I didn't stop him. What's the worst that could happen? He gets a little wet. I needed to finish my coffee. NEEDED to.

* If I change Jack a few minutes (or sometimes up to a half hour) before his bath and the diaper is still dry, I reuse it. What? Is that gross? He hasn't peed in it. Diapers are friggin' expensive.

* I don't wash his toys as often as I should. Immunities right?

* I don't make any secrets that I sleep with my child. He sleeps better that way. On the weekends, I take full advantage of this. I will often take naps with him on the couch. He sleeps for up to 2 hours that way instead of his regular 30 minutes. And Mommy gets some rest too.

Reading back over this, I don't sound as bad as I thought I would. 90% of the time, I am a good mom. But sometimes, I just need a break and end up slacking. There you have it. Not so awful right?

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  1. you're an awesome mom:) I think we'd be appalled if we had our parents list things like this out - yet we all turned out okay:)

    Noah gets Giant brand formula...I wish he'd tolerate Costco brand - it's even cheaper than store generic! And a little Big Bird never hurt anyone haha...