Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small Updates

Wow, it's been a while. I honestly haven't had time to update these days.

Here is what is going on in our household:

* Jack has another cold, but he doesn't appear to have an ear infection. We are watching him closely just in case.

* My little man said "Dada" with intent the other day. I say with intent because Jason came into the room and Jack said it twice to him.

* I think I need an increase with my medication. Counseling is going well, but I am slipping back into a funk. I don't know why, but I am just not very happy right now. Jack is doing great, my family is great, work is stressful (what's new), but nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Oh well, time to call my doctor I guess.

* Jack is going to visit work this Friday. All the unit's kiddos are coming in to work dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Guess what Jack is going to be? You will need to check back for pictures. Trust me, he looks friggin' adorable.

* Sleep is the same. 3-4 times a night the little man is waking up to eat. Last night, it finally happened: He threw up in bed. He drank a bottle, coughed and then yakked. The coughing must have upset his stomach enough to throw up. He was fine. All the puke ended up on me. I changed him and myself all while Jason changed the sheets. After that, Jack thought it was play time and wouldn't stop babbling and jumping. We were awake until 3:30. Jack was fine this morning but this momma needed an extra cup of coffee.

* Jack still is a slow eater, but he takes after his momma and likes his carbs. He has tried pancake and bread and loves both.

* Last week, our regular child care provider (Karen) wasn't available so Jack went to a fill-in sitter. She was recommended to me by a friend and she was great! Jack did great and loved playing with the other kids. I will definitely keep her in mind if I ever need a fill-in again.

That's about it on our front. Not a whole lot other than being BUSY!

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