Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jack At Nine Months

Jack, you are 9 months and 1 day old today. I waited until today to post your monthly update because you had your 9 month pediatrician appointment and I wanted to add your height and weight to this post.

I was just saying to your Daddy yesterday that I love you so much and that I miss so many things about you. This isn't a bad thing buddy, it's only because you grow so fast that we can't keep up! I remember when you were a tiny baby. You had so much hair, long fingers, almost unusually large feet, and boy did you make the sweetest cooing sounds. You lost your hair when you were 3 weeks old and looked like a balding old man. I remember the first time you were able to hold your head up, grasp a toy by yourself, and of course, that first smile. Those are the things that I miss: Those first sweet milestones.

For now, I am going to thoroughly enjoy you and your fun personality.

Some things about you:

* Boy, do you have a temper! Your Daddy had quite the temper when he was a baby and so did your Uncle Charles. It must be in your genes! You take after your Uncle in many ways including his mischievous streak. If we tell you "no", you immediately turn, smile at us, and then turn back to whatever you were doing that got you in trouble! I have a feeling you will turn out to be extremely smart and strong-willed just like Charles too.

* You weigh 20 pounds (45th %) and are 29.5 inches long (80th %). You went down in weight percentiles, but Dr. D says that is normal when a baby starts getting more active.

* You still sleep with Mommy. Ssssssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but she secretly likes it! We both sleep better and it's our bonding and snuggling time. You average about 3 to 4 wakings a night.

* You wear 9 month clothing although you are so long that 12 month pants fit you better.

* You are in size 3 diapers still but I have a feeling we are going to need to switch you soon.

* Goodness gracious you are a mover! You are constantly crawling, climbing and getting into things. I can't turn my back for one second because you disappear so fast! You don't like sitting still and playing with toys. You would much rather be exploring. It saves us money on toys, that's for sure, but it makes it hard to "entertain" you. You especially love "adult" things like remote controls, cell phones, Daddy's computer, Mommy's books on the shelf, and any electronic you can get your hands on.

* You stand all the time. Pulling yourself up is a breeze and you are starting to stand on your tippy toes to reach things. You once in a while will talk a hesitant step. I have a feeling in another month, you will be trying to walk. I am not ready for that!

* Lately, some of that separation anxiety is creeping up. You love your Mommy and only want to be held by her if there are people around that you don't know. Even with Daddy in the room, you want Mom. You sometimes will cry even if it's Daddy holding you! That's okay. I know it won't last long and it's only once in a while. When you know everyone, you are more than happy to let them hold you.

* You are babbling up a storm. Mostly just "dahdahdahdahdah" or "babababababa", but once in a while, you will see "deh" or "meh". It cracks me up because you sometimes talk to yourself in the mirror or in a certain tone. When you first see me when I pick you up at Karen's, you have this high pitched "dehdehdeh" that you say. I think it means "I am so happy to see you!". I just wish I knew what everything else you say means.

Jack Jack, we love you, that is obvious. If someone told me a year ago that my heart would be this full, I don't think I would have believed them. I sometimes wonder if I have room in my heart for any more little ones just because I love YOU so much.

Keep growing up little man. You have so many more milestones coming and I am excited for them!

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