Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Trouble Maker

Well not truly a trouble maker. This child is just mischievous. He takes after my brother after all.

Those are the remains of my Yankee Candle catalog. Apparently, I don't feed my child well enough that he needs to eat paper.

What else does he do?

* Tries to play in the cat's water bowl
* Unrolls the toilet paper in the bathroom
* Pulls books off of shelves and rips pages out of them if we aren't fast enough to stop him
* Opens the refrigerator, cabinet doors, the washing machine and he is starting to try and turn doorknobs.
* He ate a piece of catfood for the first time today. I was unloading groceries from Costco and didn't notice the catfood bag had a tear in it. A few pieces spilled out, and Jack got a hold of one. He had to have been chewing for a while because when I got to him, it wasn't crunchy anymore.

My brother very much had a mischievous streak. This was the child who stuffed peppercorns up his nose, emptied the entire contents of the refrigerator, and most famously: Held his breath until his nose would bleed.
The first time he did this, my mother and father about had a heart attack. Charles was around two and we were all eating a steak dinner. As my mom was cutting my brother's steak, he insisted "I can do it!". He wanted to cut his steak with the sharp knife. My mom and dad told him "no" and apparently this pissed him off. He held his breath, started shaking and turned blue and then his nose started to bleed.

Yep, that was a pretty common occurrence when he was a toddler.

Jack is starting to show signs of these mischievous and temper issues.

Boy are we in trouble. Thank God he's cute.

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