Monday, November 8, 2010

A Night Out

Well, it's been 9 months. I think Jason and I have been on a date without Jack a grand total of three times. Let's see......There was the time he needed to get a tux fitting for a wedding and we went to dinner afterwards. Jack was two weeks old at the time. There was the wedding rehearsal (see a pattern here?) when he was 5 months old. There was also the time we went out to dinner about 2 months ago. There may have been a couple of hours during the day on a weekend here and there also.

What I am trying to get at here is the fact that we desperately need to get out as a couple. It's been 9 months and it's time.

Our anniversary is on Thursday so there presents itself the perfect opportunity. My mother-in-law has asked, errrrr.....begged to take Jack overnight. We are finally taking her up on this opportunity. I have tried to prepare her as best as I can. I don't think she believes me that Jack wakes up during the night three or four times. I also think that she thinks he is going to be a perfect angel and sleep well in the crib.

I think she's sorely mistaken. But you know what? I don't care. He will be just fine. Her? I predict we will pick Jack up in the morning and she will be bleary eyed with bags under her eyes. And I will giggle and say "Told you so!".

The plan? Saturday night: Fancy hotel stay in downtown Portland. Dinner at an even fancier restaurant. "Adult time" thrown in there and then a blissful night of sleep, with hopefully no wakeful moments. I think we might even sleep in Sunday morning. I will be shocked if I make it to 7:00 for my "sleeping in".

Sunday afternoon will probably consist of trying to get my dreadfully tired baby to nap while I giggle in delight over my restful weekend. There might also be a giggle or two at my mother-in-law and her newfound realization that yes, Jack really DOES wake up three or four times a night.

Tee hee heee!

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