Sunday, November 21, 2010

Go Big Eater!

I am so proud of my boy. For a child who doesn't seem to eat very much, he had a voracious appetite this weekend.

It started on Friday when he went to Nana's house (as usual). She always feeds him tons, and this week was no different. For breakfast, he polished off almost an entire large container of mixed fruit with yogurt. Midmorning snack he ate a handful of Cheerios. Lunch consisted of turkey with mixed veggies and some fruit. Midafternoon snack was two Mum Mums and some of Nana's roast beef sandwich (and she may have given him a couple of nibbles of Angel food cake as well). For dinner, he ate with us and had some beets (icky!), applesauce and some of our ravioli. Keep in mind, this was on top of all the formula that I sent along.

I was bound and determined to see if I could get him to eat for me on Saturday. He usually only tolerates being in the highchair for me for a few minutes and I am lucky if I can get three or four bites in him. On a good day, he will eat maybe one container of baby food all day.

Saturday, Jack sampled all kinds of yummy new foods! Besides an entire baby food container of fruit and granola, he had Cheerios, a whole container of green beans, roast beef, some cheese (this was new for him), and his favorite: Peanut butter! He couldn't shove the bread into his mouth fast enough.

Now before you freak out, I have read numerous articles that the AAP now recommends exposing babies to nuts as young as 6 months as long as they haven't shown any previous food allergies and no one in their immediate family has nut allergies. I figure at almost 10 months, with no food intolerance, Jack fits this bill.

Sunday was no different. Jack ate really well again. My biggest surprise was for snack. He ate an entire container of yogurt. That was a snack! Dinner consisted of green beans mixed with rice, and some whole wheat bread with a tiny bit of peanut butter.

Some foods that Jack doesn't like? So far, he isn't a fan of apple juice (I have given him 100% whole juice with no sugar added and diluted it), spaghetti, or meat in general. He has sampled some chicken, but I think the texture doesn't mesh well with him.

I am really, really proud of my boy. For a guy with reflux and gagging issues, he has done so great. In a span of just a month, he now goes from throwing up at almost every solid meal to eating like crazy. I can't believe how far he has come!

Thanksgiving will be really interesting. Since he has shown his love for carbs, I have a feeling he will love the stuffing. And since green beans are his favorite, green bean casserole will go over well.

My big boy is growing up!

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