Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Months

Our little boy is 10 months old today! I can't believe it's time for double digits already.

I think I say this every month, but it's amazing to me to see how many changes Jack makes in just a few short weeks. I thought 9 months was really fun, but I think that 10 is going to turn out to be much more exciting! Jack has an amazing amount of independence and personality. He takes after my brother in many ways. It's a shame that they will never be able to meet since my brother died in 1986.

Jack, you are my biggest accomplishment, my biggest source of happiness, and at times, my biggest source of frustration. I think it's because we are both so strong-willed and we can butt heads. Even you being so little are very hard-headed and have quite the temper.

Some things that are "new" to you this month. I don't think they are necessarily related to your age, but I want to make sure to document them so I can look back and laugh (and maybe cry).

* You love to drink out of cups, but only if they don't have lids on them. You could care less about your sippy cup. It's really funny when you use your stacking cups as drinking vessels when you are in the bathtub. I can't imagine soapy, dirty water tastes very good, but you seem to think so! Every time Mommy or Daddy, or anyone for that matter, drinks from a cup, you want some too. Last night we shared a glass of apple juice together.

* Every day, you are eating better and getting more adventurous. We have given you almost every food we eat, with a few exceptions. Your absolute favorite meal is little pieces of bread smeared with peanut butter and your green beans. If this was your meal every day, you would be extremely happy. Throw in a few Cheerios, and you are golden. You have tried everything! Pizza wasn't your favorite, but you do love anything with carbs. We are alike in that respect.

* We have discovered that you sleep the best at night in bed with Mommy, but rather than Mommy holding you all night, you like to just lay next to her, usually on your tummy. A few weeks ago, you were waking 3 times a night, but these days, it seems like it's only 2. I can get used to this!

* You have recently discovered that you can stack items on top of each other to make yourself taller. I found you on top of your picture blocks the day before yesterday trying to reach my candle holder. Yikes! Slow down little dude!

* Although you only still babble and say "dadadada" or "bwabwabwa", you have started mimicing our intonations. I said "Hello" to you the other day in a very sing-songy voice and you copied my voice back. Both Daddy and I were shocked! It was the cutest thing ever and we were trying to get you to do it again for the rest of the day.

* You understand the word "no" but don't always listen to it. Most of the time you do, but if you are being strong-willed at that particular moment, you look, smile, and then keep doing whatever is naughty. I often have to pull you out of the pantry so you don't play in the cat's water bowl. Or out of the bathroom so you don't unroll the toilet paper.

* No walking yet, but boy can you climb and bounce and get around! Most of the time, if you are standing, you don't even hold on that carefully. Maybe with one hand, maybe with one finger. Pretty soon you will be cruising all around!

Jack, oh Jack. Yack Yack as Auntie Carrie calls you. I love that you are so curious and independent. Everyone who I talk to says you are going to be smart. I think so too!

We love you little man. Keep growing and becoming more "you".

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