Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rough Week

This week was well.......trying. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.

It started out Monday with an ear infection for Jack. We didn't even know he had it, but honestly, if it had gone on much longer, he would have made it known. Especially since the last two times he had them he woke up in the night screaming. I am glad it didn't get to that point.

Wednesday, I made mention that I was sick. Well, it got progressively worse throughout the day. Thursday, I felt like death warmed over but I had to go to work. My entire body ached, I was extremely dizzy and just wanted to sleep. But I could. I had to work. The evening didn't prove much better. What is it about when you don't feel well? Certain people (cough, cough: Jack: cough, cough) were acting very very naughty. I pulled him out of the cat food dishes countless times while trying not to pass out from dizziness. He threw his bottle in the trash. Threw toys at me (not cute when they almost pean you in the face), fussed, and wouldn't go to sleep. All Mommy wanted was a cup of tea, but I couldn't have my cup in the near vicinity of baby hands.

On Thursday night, Jack slept like crap, which means Mommy slept like crap. This does not help the cold get better. Oh well, trudge on to work. Jack went to Nana's and I went to the office. I couldn't make it past 10:30. I had to go home. I felt awful and was extremely unproductive.

Friday night, Jack slept even worse. It was pretty clear to me that either his ear infection was getting worse, or something else was going on. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke, so I observed him all day. He tugged at his ear pretty much every time he layed down. He didn't nap well. He didn't eat all too spectacularly, other than the massive amount of grapes that he inhaled. He was squirmy at our tax appointment and he didn't go to sleep very easily.

It's now Sunday. Jack slept pretty well last night, but that's only because I slept with him propped up so he wasn't laying down completely. I didn't want the pressure in his ears to get painful. He also was medicated with Tylenol. Now say what you will about giving children pain medication, but you are not me. I am sorry, I find it cruel that when a baby is in pain, you don't give them anything for it. When I am in pain, I take an Advil. Why should it be any different for my baby?

I called the pediatrician after church and explained that the medication wasn't working. I shouldn't be surprised since it didn't work the last time either. Apparently my child has an immunity to Amoxicillin. Thank God Jack's pediatrician was the one on call so she phoned in the prescription that worked last time: Omnicef. It's very strong. Go with what works right?

Today was rough. Jack took a grand total of one 30 minute nap from the time he woke up at 6:45 until about 4:15. We finally got him down for a nap at 4:15 after giving him some more Tylenol. It's the first dose he has had since last night. It became very clear he needed it when he was rubbing his ears and crying when you tried to lay him down in your arms for a nap. Poor baby.

I really hate that my child is sick. I could give a damn that I am. I just want HIM to feel better. It literally feels like my heart is being ripped from my chest when he cries in pain. I have always been sensitive, but it's magnified now that I have a child. Anything having to do with Jack, I get very sensitive and touchy.

Please pray that this medication works. If it doesn't, there aren't too many options left for drugs that are more powerful. Plus, there is the worry about ear tubes. But, I can't let my mind go there.

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