Monday, May 2, 2011

Jack is 15 Months Old

How time flies! Jack, you are 15 months old today.

Boy you crack me up. Here are some of the things that you are up to this month:

* Words: You say "mama" and "dada" still as well as some other words. You say "Dat?" for What's that? And "gee" for doggie. And "ela" for hello. And "ah don" for all done. Okay really? I was starting to worry that you weren't saying a lot until I listened and realized that you were saying A LOT! The words may not come out perfectly, but we know what you mean.

* You can sign more and milk. We are working on water and all done for you. It's cute to see you eat your favorite food and when you want more, you sign.

* Tomorrow is your surgery for your ear tubes. I am nervous for you buddy, but I am also looking forward to seeing you feel a lot better.

* You actively wave bye-bye and hello. It's so cute to watch your chubby little hand waggle up and down.

* One of your favorite things to do is climb. I try and take you to the playground at least once a week during the weekends. As the weather gets better, I plan to take you more and more. You still haven't mastered the slide. You want to run down it rather than sit on your butt and slide down.

* You are doing so awesome with your eating! You are eating more and more every day. You aren't a huge meat lover, but there are some foods that are definitely your favorite: Peanut butter, turkey, blueberries and pretty much any carb.

* You are learning how to drink from a big boy cup. You can tip the cup back all by yourself. Sometimes this results in a shower and Mommy having to change your shirt, but hey! You are learning.

* We are going on an airplane trip in a few days. Be a good boy during the flight okay?

* Sleeping is still difficult for you. With six ear infections since February, it's hard for you to find your groove. But, on the nights you feel good, you go down to bed around 7 and then stay down in your crib anywhere until 9 to 10. One of these days you will start sleeping better. Until then, you are still in bed with Mommy.

* It's time for a new haircut! This will make two already. You have Daddy's hair because it grows so fast.

* You are now learning how to put the shapes in your shape sorter. You will sit and try and get them in the holes for quite a while. And you are discovering that some toys fit in other toys. I will often find you stacking toys inside one another. It's always fun shoving things where they don't belong! Like in the trash can or recycling bin.

* Um can you stop growing please? I swear to God you grew over night. I put a size 12 month pair of pants on you that fit and now, out of nowhere you are wearing high waters! You have super duper long legs.

Jack Jack, we love you. Grammie and Auntie Rebecca and cousin Greyson can't wait to see you again! Your Great Memere would have loved to see you again, but she's in Heaven now. How proud she would be of you.

Little man, you steal my heart every day. Some days are more trying than others, but at the end of the day, I love you more. You are showing your personality so much more these days and I love it! How independent you have become. Love you buddy!

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