Tuesday, January 3, 2012

38 / 23

Today marks my 38th week of pregnancy.  I can't believe that at this very time next Tuesday, little Cal will be in my arms. 

I have been nesting big time.  I managed to get the entire house cleaned and all the Christmas decorations put away on Friday when I had a day off of work and my mother-in-law took Jack.  If this baby were to come today, we would be ready.

Jack turned 23 months old yesterday.  For those of you that are poor in math, that is one month shy of 2 years old!  Wowza.  I feel guilty that I don't have anything planned for his 2nd birthday.  We are a pretty simple family though so cake, ice cream and presents over at my in-laws will probably consist of his "party".  We didn't do a huge shindig for his 1st so no huge shindig for his 2nd either. 

Just in this last month, Jack's language has EXPLODED.  He now repeats everything which is funny and cute, but dangerous at the same time.  I keep reminding Jason not to say curse words around him.  Lord knows I don't want our little parrot saying "shit". 

He is starting to form sentences.  His first official sentence was "Uh oh, made mess".  I about died from the cuteness.  He said it right after eating dinner and I was cleaning him up.  Before the official sentence, he was stringing two words together just fine.  "Bad kitty" or "Hi Mama" or "Papa truck" were some of his famous ones.  Now since "Uh oh, made mess" he has also said "Yay!  Did it!".  He says that one often.  He gets really proud of himself (as he should be) when he completes a task.

In the past month, he has been huge into puzzles.  Before now, it was just a matter of throwing the pieces around.  He got a chunky dinosaur puzzle for Christmas and the very first time he tried it, he put every single one of the pieces in correctly. 

Even though he is still incredibly active, he is getting better about actually sitting and playing with toys instead of just running around the house being Captain Destructo.  On Christmas and New Years Day, we were at family gatherings and Jack sat and played happily with other kids.  He especially likes playing with the bigger kids (aged 5 and up). 

His sleep has gotten a lot better.  Jason and I changed his bed time slightly.  Since Jason stays at home now, it's in everyone's best interest that Jack not get up at 5:00am.  So night night was moved to between 8 and 8:30 and now he will sleep until 6:30 or even later!  He still fusses or wakes up once a night or so (sometimes not at all) but usually a simple paci re-insertion or a pat on the back and he's back to sleep. 

Guess what came yesterday?  Two of Jack's 2 year molars!  He has been cranky and drooly for the past couple of weeks and his upper molar gums were swollen.  I was feeling around in his mouth yesterday and felt the little sharp stubs and was shocked!  No wonder he was so cranky.  Now it's just a matter of getting those bottom ones through.

My little boy is getting so big.  It's a lot of fun to see what new and exciting thing he is doing every day.  My only guilty feeling is knowing that he soon won't get as much one on one time with me as he had been.  I hope that I can give him all the love and attention he needs.


  1. M's birthday is coming up too. I am having a "not a birthday party" playdate with some friends who have kids similar ages. No party - no fuss - no gifts please. Just a little get together because January can be so isolating!

    Oh and... M drops F bombs. NICE.

  2. Wow 1 week! I hope Jack adjusts smoothly to Cal being around. Jack almost 2? Where does the time go?