Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pregnancy Compare

Since I am getting down to the last few days of this pregnancy (12 days left, eeeeek!), I thought it would be interesting to list out the similarities and differences I have had with each pregnancy.  The list of differences is going to be much bigger that's for sure.


* Heartburn - with Jack, my heartburn was unbearable the last month of my pregnancy.  I couldn't eat anything without having to either get up in the middle of the night for Tums or to throw up stomach acid.  I have had minor heartburn this time but nothing that isn't curable with some chewable antacid. 

* Swelling - with Jack, my hands and feet got so swollen that I could no longer wear normal shoes.  My little sister and I went to Target with a month left of my pregnancy just so I could buy "fat" shoes.  While I did have to take my wedding rings off, my swelling is to a minimum and I am still able to wear normal every day shoes.  My ankles get a little fat in the evenings but that's about it.

* Morning sickness - had it all the way through the pregnancy with Jack to the point I took medication.  This time?  Minor morning sickness in the first trimester.  Not even bad enough to warrant medicine or any methods to help it.

* Stretch marks - I had none with Jack.  Until after I delivered and then I got some tiny grey/white ones under my stomach.  This time?  I have a few near my belly button but they aren't hideous.  They are just light red/pink.  I blame my scratching of the buddah bellah.

* Nesting - I did absolutely NO nesting or cleaning with Jack when it was time for him to come.  This time, I feel like I have to get everything done RIGHT NOW.  That could be because of the holidays and being so incredibly busy, but regardless, this house is clean, all the baby laundry is washed, everything is organized.  I feel accomplished.  Cal could come tonight and I would feel okay with the state of our preparedness.

* Hip pain - oh God, it was bad.  So bad with Jack that I would wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain.  I would constantly have to sleep on the couch because it provided more cushy support than even my pregnancy pillow could.  This time?  It's minor and I only get it if I don't roll over enough. 

* Carpal tunnel - because my swelling was so bad with Jack, I got carpal tunnel that didn't resolve itself for a few weeks after he was born.  This time?  None.  No sign of it.


* Movement - these boys are ACTIVE!  I have videos of Jack in utero trying to do a breakout routine as I got closer to my due date.  I should record a video of Cal because it would be exactly the same.  It's so strong sometimes that it takes my breath away. 

* Cravings - with Jack, I craved fast food in my first trimester and orange juice in my last.  This time, while my cravings aren't incredibly strong, I did crave fast food (especially burgers) in my first trimester and juice in my last.  The juice doesn't have to be orange.  It can be apple, grape, orange or whatever is on hand.

* Pressure - while I don't remember it specifically with Jack, I know I had uterus pressure close to delivery.  I have it this time too.  Yowza!  It feels like this little guy is going to come jumping out of me at any time.  I am trying to close my legs when I sneeze just in case.  Ha!

* Fatigue - with Jack, I was so amazingly tired in the first trimester.  I didn't notice that this time with Cal but I am incredibly tired in the evenings.  I blame the active toddler I am chasing around.  I know I should get as much sleep as I can now because I won't be sleeping for the next two years anyways. 

It's amazing how good I have felt this time around.  I remember thinking with Jack that I was so miserable and hated being pregnant and that's because I was miserable.  This time, I really have enjoyed being pregnant.  It's been such a breeze that I worry I am going to have a really hard baby!  I keep hoping that Cal will be just as different as my pregnancy has been.  It would be awfully nice to have a baby that can breastfeed, doesn't have reflux or terrible sleeping issues, gagging issues or chronic ear infections. 

I can't wait to meet him and see just how different he is from Jack and to see what is similar about them.

12 more days!

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  1. Sooo close! It's awesome that you had such an easier time with this pregnancy... that is a real blessing with a toddler around! I can't believe how blond Jack is now, he is so cute.