Monday, December 12, 2011

Fluffy Mail

Jason and I received a generous gift from his Mamo for Cal last week and I knew exactly what I wanted to spend the money on:  DIAPERS! 

I haven't purchased many cloth diapers yet because I was scared to actually pull the trigger on cloth diapers.  I wasn't sure which styles would work for Cal.  The cost of buying such a big quantity at one time.

But after a lot of research last week, I decided to purchase the following:

6 Charlie Bananas one-size with 12 inserts (the package I bought came with 6 small and 6 medium/large)
2 Flip diapers and 6 inserts
6 Sun Baby diapers and 6 inserts
24 pre-folds

Add this to the existing Flip and Thirsties cover I had purchased many months ago, that will give us 16 covers and 49 inserts/pre-folds.

I also purchased a wet bag for the house and two smaller wet bags for Nana's house and the diaper bag.  I also purchased a sprayer (I already have a Spray Pal on hand from when the pre-order was going on).

All these items cost us under $350 total.  That is for everything!  I think that is a great investment.  I just hope that with the variety of diapers that I purchased that some of them work for Cal.  If not, I heard it's pretty easy to sell them.

Today, my first order came!  The Charlie Banana pack came in the mail and I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I was to open the box and feel the diapers.  I haven't used them yet (obviously), but from what I can tell, they are so incredibly soft and well made.  And can I tell you how CUTE they are?  Jason is scoffing at the hot pink diaper but it came in a "value" pack so I didn't have the option to trade out the pink diaper.

Who knew diapers could be so cute and exciting! 

I still have some research to do on how exactly to fold these puppies.  I am hoping there is a tutorial or something on each company's website.  I already have done the research on what detergent to use as well as cloth diaper safe cream.

Now for the picture.  Here is our cloth diaper stash so far.  Nothing is washed yet.  I am still expecting a ton more mail in the coming days.

Cute right?

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