Monday, December 19, 2011

Day One

Today is the first day that Jason is a stay-at-home dad.  The transition has been slightly rough for him.  First off, he didn't try adjusting his schedule yet.  He got a whopping 2 hours of sleep last night since he wasn't able to come to bed any earlier than 4am. 

I think he's going to do just fine.  I know it's still early but I can hear them from my "office".  They have been reading books, hanging out on the couch, eating and just being boys.  Poor Jason.  He's so tired that I have jumped in to help him a few times today.  I showed him what an acceptable lunch consists of for Jack.  I told him approximately what time Jack should go down for his morning nap.  I did the dishes for him this morning during a work break while he took a shower.

Nap time was rough.  He put Jack down awake which isn't something I do.  Karen, his daycare provider does this with no problem.  However, Jack needs to learn a new way of doing things so Jason got him drowsy and put him down in the crib awake.  He cried for a few minutes but then went down for a 90 minute nap.  Jason took this opportunity to nap himself.

Bedtime has been pushed back an hour.  This is so Jack doesn't get up at 5am.  Jason would like him to sleep until a more reasonable time, like 6:30 so an 8pm bedtime will now become the norm in our house. 

This means dinner will be pushed back too.  Sense a theme here?  Instead of a 5pm dinner, we will aim for 6pm.  No longer will we be old fuddy duddies and eat so darn early. 

I will be cooking dinner most nights which is not something I am used to.  I am used to giving Jack a meal and then eating a bowl of cereal or something later.  However, with Jason at home, we will need to eat right?  I have made a list of quick, easy and economical meals to add to my repertoire.  Tonight's dinner is going to be spaghetti with Italian sausages.  Quick, easy, and cheap!

This new schedule and arrangement is going to take a lot of adjustment and getting used to for all of us.  I will try not to whine or be overdramatic as the changes occur.

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  1. You should look into coworking spaces, that is if you can work away from a phone.. that way you don't get burnt out from being with Jason and Jack (and the baby) 24/7. When Mike worked from home and Morgan and I were there all the time, it got really hard on us all.