Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Catch Up

Christmas came and went but we were so busy that I didn't have a chance to post much.

* I was off work starting the 22nd but am back today.  The days off allowed Jason and I to shop, wrap, assemble and get caught up for the upcoming day of festivities.

* I am still pregnant and getting to the point where I am pretty miserable.  I was feeling great up until this point but now bending down causes me to lose my breath.  I have so much to do and just don't have the energy to do it.  My belly is rock hard most of the day.  I feel like I have to pee but yet when I go, it is just a trickle.  I have less than two weeks left.  I CAN DO IT.

* Jack got spoiled rotten for Christmas.  We tried not to go overboard but of course, that didn't go so well.  Between two "big" Santa gifts (a kitchen and a tricycle) and gifts from several family members, our house looked like Toys R Us puked in it.  Thankfully we were able to offload some gifts to my in-laws.  They have more room than we do and new toys over there are cool.

* We spent Christmas Eve over at Jason's Mamo's house.  Jack had a good time running and playing and spending time with his Mamo and Papo (Mamo's significant other). 

* We woke up at 6:30 on Christmas morning and Jack had fun playing with his new kitchen and scooting around on his bike.  Jason took his time getting up but we were over at his parents around 9:45.

* The afternoon was spent over at my Aunt and Uncle's.  The whole West coast family was there which was nice.  It was a packed house.  We exchange "stockings" with the adults and manage to haul in a bunch of fun loot.  The kiddos get actual presents.  Jack was so overwhelmed with gifts by the end of the day that he didn't want to open the rest of his gifts.  So I helped him.

Here are a few pictures from our festivities. 

Mommy and Jack over at Mamo and Cliff's.

Jack "helping" Cliff open a present.

Jack seeing his kitchen on Christmas morning.

Opening presents over at Nana and Papa's.
Jason and his enormous stocking over at my aunt and uncle's.

Jack opening yet more presents over at my aunt and uncle's.  He got these trucks from my cousin and they were a favorite!

On another note, I am still getting used to my new camera (thanks Jason!) so it took me a while to figure out how to upload all these puppies.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  Now my next endeavor is to have a baby.  OMG.

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  1. I cannot believe you're at 37 weeks already! That makes me nervous since I'll be there before I know it! I hope that you can stay at least somewhat comfortable these next couple of weeks! You're so close to meeting Cal! I'll be thinking about you!