Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cal is 5 Months Old!

Happy 5 Months Calvin Wyatt (a couple of days late).  It's been so much fun having you in our lives.  You just might be the happiest baby ever.  The only time you cry is if you are in need of milk, a burp, or sleep.

You don't have a pediatrician appointment this month so I don't have any stats, but here are some things you are up to this month:

* You can officially roll both ways!  You have been arching and trying to roll from back to belly for quite some time but your arm always gets in the way.  We practiced last night and I let you try on your own.  Surprise!  You rolled several times and were quite proud of yourself.  So on your 4 month birthday, you rolled from belly to back.  And almost exactly a month later (5 month and 2 day birthday), you rolled from back to belly!

* You are grabbing and playing with toys with abandon.  You love putting things in your mouth so every time a toy is in reach, it goes straight in. It's fun watching you playing in your ExerSaucer.  There is a lion and you will sit and have conversations with him. It's cute.

* We tried the Jumperoo for the first time the other day.  It took you about a day to realize that you can jump in it. Since then, you have bounced and turned in the seat and are generally a fan.

* You are solidly wearing 6 month clothing.  I actually bought some onesie extenders the other day so we can get some more use out of your 3 month onesies.  You have cute the chubby thighs so 6 month pants are a little snug but they fit length wise.

* Bath time is your absolute favorite.  You kick your little legs and squeal the whole time.  You don't even mind getting water in your face.  Since you love bath time so much, I am hoping that this weekend when we go to Great Wolf Lodge, you will have a good time in the pool.  It's warm so it should be like having a big bath tub!

* Your favorite person just might be your big brother Jack.  You smile at him regardless of what he is doing. You love sitting on the couch with him and watching Mickey.  You kick your legs at him and giggle when he talks to you.  It's so sweet to see the interaction between you two.

* Food is your FAVORITE.  We have been feeding you brown rice cereal and oatmeal for about a month.  Besides that, you are making your way through purees.  You have tried the following:  sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, carrots, bananas, pears, and prune juice (due to a little constipation issue).  Your fave ones are the carrots and bananas so far.  I love watching you eat.  You are like a little baby bird.

* I didn't see it in person but the word is that you are trying to scoot.  Nana had you on a blanket at her house the other day and you were working your knees and ended up off the blanket.  Jack was about 7.5 months old when he started crawling well.  I wonder if you are going to be ahead of him?

* Nighttime sleep is still an issue but you nap pretty well.  Typically you will take one long nap and two shorter naps during the week. Daddy does a good job at getting you to sleep.

We love you little buddy.  I can't wait to see how much you have grown next month at your appointment!

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