Friday, June 15, 2012

Silly Jack

With his huge language explosion lately, Jack is saying some of the funniest things.

Everyone is silly.  He says "Silly Mama" when I do something remotely funny to him.  Silly Daddy, Silly Jack, Silly Lisa.  The list goes on.

Last night Jack woke up when Jason went to check on him.  Somehow the kitten got in and when Jason left, Jack fussed again.  He said "Daddy, take Lisa out!".  He apparently didn't want the kitten in there while he was sleeping.

He is also starting to realize his body functions.  If he burps, he is very nonchalant about it but will say "Burp".  If he farts, he stops and says "Jack tooted".  I know I shouldn't laugh but fart jokes will always be funny to me.  Even more when it's your own kiddo.

Another thing that he does is when he is trying to emphasize something or is intent on getting something.  If he thinks you aren't listening enough, he will get right up in your face, like an inch away, and ask for something.  Usually it's "Momma, Buzz tease (please)".  Toy Story is his favorite movie hence the Buzz.

However, the absolute most hilarious moment was when Jason was changing his diaper the other day.  His penis was do you say?  Half mast.  The diaper came off and Jack said "Penis, tada!".  Jason died laughing and had to come tell me.

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