Monday, June 25, 2012


It's a randomness type of day.

* The tickers on my blog are off.  Cal is much older than 1 month!

* I am still trying to post about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  I am slacking on the blog posts lately, sorry.

* I weighed in yesterday even though I didn't want to.  I was up a tiny bit from my last weigh in.  Which is okay considering I haven't tracked in like three weeks.  I am back on track with tracking (ha!) and hope to see a loss last week.

* Cal has thrush again.  I originally thought it was Hand Foot and Mouth because he had some blisters on his lower leg and when I checked in his mouth, he had white patches.  I ruled out thrush because it wasn't on his tongue.  But it is thrush according to his pediatrician and she knows best.  So now he has an awesome purple mouth due to the Gentian violet.

* I hurt my neck and have been having headaches a lot more lately so I have been seeing a chiropractor for a couple of visits.  Boy, she is good!  She fixes me up after just one visit and I am not scoffing at the 30 minute neck and shoulder massage either!

* I am in the process of reading Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber in preparation of getting Cal sleep "trained".  I hate calling it that but really it is the steps to get your child to learn how to fall asleep and go back to sleep.  Needless to say, I am tired, which is why we are going to start this when Cal is so young.

* Cal has been loving food lately!  He gets a grain serving and a fruit or veggie serving daily.  We just started giving him actual pieces of food too.  I gave him a hunk of banana and he went to town on it.  He had a hard time picking it up and getting it into his mouth but I helped.  After he gummed it to death I mashed it up and fed it to him.  HE LOVED IT!  He couldn't eat it fast enough.  I tried the same with avocado yesterday but he didn't love the avocado.  I plan on giving him a hunk of sweet potato soon too.  This boy definitely loves to eat.  He is still drinking about the same amount of milk too.  Growing boy!

* I can't remember if I posted about this or not, but our freezer door in the shed came open a few weeks ago.  This resulted in me having to throw out 500 ounces of thawed breastmilk.  I could have wept as I was throwing it away.  I am happy to say that I am almost back to 500 ounces.  I have about 50 ounces to go.  I actually would have more but I donated 100 ounces last week.

That's about it for now.  I swear I will get the GWL post out soon.

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