Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

Wow what a weekend we had! It's been a pretty crazy week all around but we had a great weekend.

* The family attended my cousin's daughter's birthday party this weekend.  Jack had a blast playing on the cool playground and eating the rainbow cake.  I don't want to post any pictures yet because I don't want to steal my cousin's thunder (we have a couple of the same blog readers).  I can't wait until she posts!

* I am doing a really good job of sticking to my plan of being less boring.  I went to a party on Friday, the birthday on Saturday and start my knitting class this upcoming Saturday.

* Cal is miserable.  I am ::thisclose:: to calling the pediatrician about his teething symptoms.  He is almost 9 months old and no sign of a tooth. He drools, is in pain, has an eruption hematoma, hardly sleeps anymore and is generally cranky.  The hematoma is what concerns me the most.  I am starting to worry that something is wrong.  Purple gums are not cool folks.  And they hurt.

* Do you know how hard it is to find quality and cute Halloween costumes for kids?  I was hoping to do a theme with the boys but didn't have much luck finding costumes that weren't cheap looking or matched.  I thought Elmo and Cookie Monster, or Yo Gabba Gabba or animals.  I would find one costume for Jack but than there wouldn't be a matching one for Cal.  I finally gave up my search and just bought two costumes at Costco.  They were very high quality and cheap!  Cheaper than any place I have found.  I am totally spoiling any surprise but here are their costumes:

How cute is he?  Real reflective tape, real brass buckles and you can't see but there are adjustable suspenders on the pants.

Roly poly pumpkin for the roly poly baby.  How cute are those leggings?

* Jason's parents mentioned that our anniversary is coming up and that we should get away for the weekend.  I think I was too much in shock to react.  Take our two kids for an entire weekend?  So we can sleep?  And relax?  I just don't know what to think........I doubt we will take them up on an entire weekend but we might for overnight.

* I got a new cookbook that I have been eyeballing for a while.  I love using my crockpot and this will hopefully give me some inspiration to try something new.

* I have posted before about donating milk. Well, twice now this person insists that she needs milk desperately and yet, she has failed to show up.  She gets a third chance today and if she doesn't pick up, the milk is being donated to someone who is more in need.  It's frustrating!  If you don't have common courtesy to tell someone you can't make it, you don't really need this gift as much as you say you do.

* I want to try a new restaurant that opened up the street from me.  I drive by it awesome and it's always packed.  I was shocked because new restaurants in my area don't typically do well.  I looked up this restaurant and it's apparently a place that went out of business years ago that has reopened.  The menu looks awesome - who doesn't love burgers and milkshakes?  I believe this might be our next date night trip.

* I am feeling a little bit of jealousy when it comes to other people's sibling groups.  I hear all about how so-and-so just LOVES their younger brother or sister.  Jack does not like Cal.  He is constantly taking toys, pacifiers, trying to block his way by putting toys around him, and while he doesn't outwardly hit, he does push his hand and try to "gently" knock him over.  He doesn't play with him.  At all.  Ever.  I want my kids to like each other.  Cal adores Jack but the feelings aren't mutual.

That's all the semi interesting stuff I have for today.

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  1. I have that cookbook! There is a chicken corn chowder that is really good (i think it's that I need to go look:).