Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

* I have two other posts drafted but don't have the time to put much thought into them.  One is a sad post full of heavy material and I keep plugging along on it.  The other is a happy post about our anniversary but I just don't have 20 minutes to spend on a dedicated subject.  Posting sometimes gives me ADD.

* Oh my gosh Cal is walking all over the place.  It is INSANE!  He just took steps two weeks ago and now he's toddling everywhere.

* I am still going to knitting class and so far have finished two hats, started a new hat and almost completed one slipper sock.  I still have the finishing touches on the hats, like the ears, but I am at a standstill because I don't remember how to start the ears.  This next class will be what I need to kick start me into finishing.

* Jack is doing this new thing where he says "This is me Mama!".  It's like he is trying to announce his presence all the time.  It is super cute.

* Jason and I are probably going to do our annual Christmas shopping trip on Saturday.  I just have to sucker my in-laws into watching the boys and feeding them dinner.  We do this every year.  We usually go to the mall, pick up some gifts and then either go out to dinner or lunch after.  Last year I was hugely pregnant and we only went to a few stores before we called it a day.  The year before, we brought Jack in a stroller.  The year before that?  Also pregnant.

* I ordered the invitations for Cal's 1st Birthday last week.  I wanted to get them ordered so I had them in time to be able to mail well in advance.  Since his birthday is right after the holidays I want people to have enough time to decide if they want to come.  I am going with a Mickey Mouse theme since Cal loves Mickey.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to my ideas.  I am not a crafty person so likely I will probably only make the food.  The decorations will be either store-bought or simple like balloons.  My best friend, who is an awesome pastry chef, has offered to make the cake and favors (probably Mickey cookies).

* I am struggling with some ideas for age appropriate toys for the boys for Christmas.  I think I am done for Jack, but what about Cal?  Everything either lights up, makes noise, sings, or is generally annoying.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned toys?  He doesn't need blocks, Legos or anything too babyish.  I need to head to Finnegan's, our cool toy store to see if anything catches my eye.

* Can I tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this year's holidays? I didn't take any time off last year but this year?  I am on vacation starting on December 17th all the way through the end of the year.  I fully plan on taking my boys to fun places and baking with my sister.

* Our Thanksgiving was awesome.  This girl didn't take a single picture of the day (oops) but Jack ate nothing and Cal ate everything.  Well, Jack did eat some apples and pumpkin pie but that's it.  And can I just brag on my kids?  Jack didn't have a nap that day and was seriously SO GOOD over at my aunt and uncle's.  He usually is a holy terror when he doesn't nap but he was great.  I was a proud mama.  The food was delicious, the company was even better and I didn't leave in a food coma.

* I am contemplating starting to run. As in, buying good running shoes and trying the Couch to 5K program. I need to get my butt in gear before I turn into a whale.  Who am I kidding?  I am already a whale.

That's it for now.  I keep saying that I will catch up on posts but we know how well that goes.

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