Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Better late than never!  Jack was so so SO excited for Halloween this year.  He kept asking about it, kept practicing saying Trick or Treat and would jump for joy when we told him he would be getting candy.

Jack dressed up as a fireman and was able to wear his costume to school that day as well.  Cal dressed up as a pumpkin.

We headed to my in-laws in the late afternoon.  The plan was to trick or treat in their neighborhood because they live in a nicer area and that way, we could have dinner together and they could see the kiddos dressed up.

Jack was so dang cute while we were out and about.  At one point he tried stepping into someone's house so he could have a better chance to snag some candy.  The video posted below is evidence of my little grabby-pants.

Cal wasn't sure what was going on.  We just carried him and he enjoyed watching people answer their doors.  Plus, he loves watching his big brother, a.k.a. His Idol.

Here are some pictures or our evening.  Jack ended up with quite the haul of candy for only going to 10 or so houses.  We are mean parents and have been rationing it so he doesn't end up in a sugar coma every day.

Obligatory costume shot.  Jack's reflector tape really worked!  Can you tell?

Walking up to a house.  Getting ready to yell "Kick o teet!"

Cute pumpkin!

Blurry shot but Jack was just so excited!

The video proof that my kiddo is trying to weasel his way into other people's homes for candy.

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  1. OMG, Cal looks exactly like you! Such cuties!