Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Let's see, where to start?

* Our weekends have been chaotic to say the least.  They have been filled with family reunions, parties, errands and crazy.  I finally said "to hell with it" and declared two weekends ago a DO NOTHING weekend.  We stayed in, watched movies and relaxed.  I took naps both Saturday and Sunday and it was glorious.

* The naps came in handy when Jason had to cart me to the emergency room a few Saturdays ago.  I was giving the boys a bath (Jason was out for game night) when all of a sudden I had excruciating pain in my lower abdomen.  I mean really painful.  Worse than labor pains painful.  By the time my mother-in-law sped over to watch the boys and Jason got me to the hospital, I was feeling better.  I felt really silly for being at the hospital.  Four hours later, two ultrasounds and a pelvic exam (super fun) later, turns out I had cysts on my ovary and one of them burst.  The pain I was feeling was the blood in my abdomen.  It is very irritating and painful.  Apparently my cyst was fairly large, about the size of a Greek olive, the same size as my ovary.  At least if it happens again, I know what the pain is and I don't have to spend the time to go to the ER.

*  The kids have been both difficult and amazing at the same time.  Jack says the funniest stuff.  We were on our way to Costco yesterday and he yelled "It's a city!" When I explained that we live in a city called Portland, he yelled "Yay!  Good job for saying our city Mama!".  He cracks me up.

* Calvin has some sort of weird virus or something.  He has had a fever for three days now but really no other "sick" symptoms.  He isn't eating a whole lot (but drinking a ton so that is good) but nothing that is alarming.  I am wondering if he might have an ear infection.  One of his tubes is blocked post-surgery because of some dried blood.  He isn't tugging on his ears and doesn't seem to be in any amount of pain.  If tomorrow he still has a fever, I will take him in.  It doesn't help that he is teething so maybe the fever is related to that?

* I have been cooking and baking up a storm.  Jason's grandmother's birthday was last weekend and she requested no gifts.  But, I didn't want to arrive empty handed.  She is elderly and cares for her friend/partner and has a hard time cooking.  I took the hard out of it for her.  I made some freezer meals that she just has to reheat.  I made her a big pan of macaroni and cheese, some barbeque chicken, a small batch of chili, blueberry pancakes and zucchini muffins.  At least some of her breakfasts and dinners are taken care of.  I plan to do the same thing for Christmas for her.

* Picky eaters in this house are still picky eaters.  We are trying and not making any special meals for them but they really aren't sampling new foods.  They simply just don't eat them.  Oh well, just keep swimming!  I plan to make some fun new kid friendly meals the next couple of weeks from the cookbooks I checked out from the library.

* I needed to get OUT of the house on Sunday (like I said, it's been a rough couple of weeks) so I drove by myself to Sauvie's Island and picked 40 pounds of peaches.  I have already made a batch of delicious peach jam and frozen tons of them for smoothies.  Tonight I am going to add some grilled peaches as a side to our dinner!  Yummmmmm.  And 40 pounds of peaches is a lot!  Funny though, it only took me 15 minutes to pick them.  I was shocked when they got weighed.  Fresh, organic peaches for $1.00 a pound beats grocery store peaches any day!

* I have been thinking about taking some sort of class to get out of the house and do something for me.  Whether it be a knitting class, a cooking class, or dance, I need to do something.  I feel very trapped sometimes.  That sounds harsh doesn't it?  I work from home, so I am around Jason and the boys all day.  Then I am with them all weekend and after work.  The only time I really get out is to run errands, and that really isn't considered fun.

* Jason, my sister Carrie and I are headed to the State Fair on Sunday.  See?  That is getting out of the house, ha!  I am super excited!  We try to go every year but missed it last year since Cal was much littler and I was still pumping every three hours.  I love seeing the animals the craft barn and of course, every year, I get a plain funnel cake.  Yummmm.

* Cal is talking up a storm.  It's so stinkin' cute.  He repeats everything so we have to be really careful what we say.  The other day, I was playing a game with Jack and said "bummer" and Cal now is saying bummer.  Ha!  His pronunciation of things is hysterical.  Ducky is "gucky".  Candy is "deedee".  Doggie is "goggie".  He still hasn't really done two words together yet but I am sure it's coming.

* On the kntting front, I finished an infinity scarf for my cousin which means I get to start a new project!  I am working on some slipper socks for Jason.  I really need to do a post just on knitting so I can keep track of my projects.  I only allow myself two projects at the same time as to not lose track or get overwhelmed.  However, I have about a billion projects lined up.  I want to try a cabling project so I found a really pretty hat that I am going to try out.

That is about it for now.  All I seem to have time for lately are randoms posts.  Oh well.


  1. Which farm did you get your peaches from. I want to go...$1.00 a lb. WOW amazing!!

  2. Kids sure do say the darnest things! Bruce is starting to learn more and more words. This past weekend he was running around with a horse toy yelling at the top of his lungs "neigh neigh". It's cute and funny.
    Hope Cal's fever goes away.