Saturday, September 26, 2009

Best Day Ever!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. I started out the day nervous and antsy. We were going for our "big" ultrasound, or the growth ultrasound in the afternoon. I wanted a healthy baby, gender didn't matter. My husband, always the rock, helped calmed me down.

The cruel doctors make you drink 32 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to the appointment, so armed with a full bladder, off we went! The ultrasound was absolutely amazing. Seriously, yesterday was one of the best days of my life so far. We got to see everything in such detail. I can't believe how thorough and detailed the ultrasound tech was.

The bladder was full (the baby's, not mine) which means the kidneys are functioning beautifully. The stomach was full which means baby is swallowing correctly. Ten awesome fingers and ten awesome toes. The little bugger was laying face down which made it hard for the tech to get good pictures of the heart, but finally, the baby cooperated. It's pretty funny how they get the baby to move. Or at least I thought it was funny. The tech kept poking me with the wand and everytime that happened, the little one would move. Ultimately, he/she didn't roll over, but that's okay. The heart looked great!

Everything else was great. The heart, brain, spine, length of the femur, little hands, little feet (no club feet) and everything. Baby weighs about 14 ounces (little chunker) and is measuring about 6 days ahead of my due date. They will not be changing my due date because it's common for babies to measure a little ahead or a little behind. The ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know the gender which of course we said "YES!" to.

Now, I have to tell you that all along my husband has said it's a boy. There is no changing this guy's mind. I have thought it was a girl all along, only because everyone is saying "it's a girl". Apparently, I look more feminine during pregnancy and all the gender prediction tests are saying girl, girl, girl. Jason and I had a bet going that whoever was right about the gender got to pick the restaurant we went out to celebrate at.

So the tech looks at the baby's little legs and then scrolls up. I said "Is that a penis?!". The baby is indeed a BOY! I am totally shocked! Jason was right all along. I should have just listened to him. Secretly, we both wanted a little boy. Jason is the only boy on his side of the family and so he really wanted to be able to carry on the family name. I wanted to give him a son since this might be our only little one. We got to see his little penis and scrotum. Blackmail for later in life I am sure. Jason keeps joking that he wants to frame the ultrasound picture of his little boy parts.

IT'S A BOY! I am totally shocked and absolutely thrilled. Even this morning, I still can't believe it.

We got tons of pictures of the ultrasound. We got to see his profile and so far, he looks like daddy. He even sleeps like daddy. Face down on his stomach with one arm above his head. What a sweetie.

I am in love. I cannot wait to meet this little guy in a little over four months. I hope he looks just like Jason and has his sweet disposition too.


  1. Congrats on your little man!!

  2. Such great news - congrats!