Sunday, September 6, 2009


As if morning sickness wasn't fun enough on its own. No, I had my first round of heartburn yesterday. I am not prone to get heartburn normally, but I guess since I am 17 weeks pregnant, it was inevitable.

The culprit? A Coke. It was my own stupid fault too. I had a Coke at 3:00. It was the only thing that sounded appealing and I needed something to settle my stomach. Well, an hour later, my stomach was even more inflamed. Stupid, stupid Rachel.

I don't keep Tums in the house (which I will now!) and because I was cooking dinner, I couldn't leave to go buy some. So I stuck it out. I eventually found some antacid pills in my husband's emergency kit so I took some. Did they work? For about an hour, yes. After that, oh the burn!

Moral of the story: Don't drink a Coke at 3:00 in the afternoon thinking it will settle your stomach.

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