Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Husband

I have to write about my husband. He has been wonderful this entire pregnancy. If I ask him to do something around the house, he does without question. If I can't lift something or reach something, he's right there to help me.

The thing that I love most about him lately is how he reacts to my body. You can see in previous posts, I have a hard time with my body image. I was always afraid that he would think I was repulsive or gross during pregnancy. I am not sure why I thought this other than it's probably my own insecurity clouding my vision.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Jason loves my body. He loves my bigger boobs, loves my growing belly and is very concerned with my health. Not in an overbearing way however.

One of the favorite parts of my day is when he comes to bed. This is right around the time that I start to stir and get up for the day (we work opposite shifts and aren't in bed at the same time). He crawls into bed, snuggles with me and usually sticks his hand on my belly. He just lays there for a long time feeling our little guy move. I think it's so sweet. He will say to me "He's really moving around in there!" with awe.

I love my husband. And with our anniversary coming up in two weeks, I can't believe that it's been three years already. We have been together for 8 total but married for 3. I am lucky to have him around.

I am lucky that he says to me "Be careful getting out of the tub. I don't want you to fall".
I am lucky when he asks if there is anything he can get me.
I am lucky when he said the other night "Guess what? I love our baby".

He melts my heart.

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