Monday, October 19, 2009

The Newest Symptom

It really isn't that bad, so I can't exactly complain, but why am I so HOT? Seriously, it's like I am a human oven.

Last night, I slept with the windows open in our bedroom, in a very skimpy nighty without any covers and I was STILL hot. I know I am cooking a baby, but this is crazy! I am usually freezing ass cold. So cold in fact that I have to heat my feet up in bed using a heating pad. Not these days though. I am an oven. I might be hotter than my husband who sleeps nekked and still gets sweaty (TMI, sorry).

It could be that I have extra hormones. It could be that I now sleep with a body pillow (FYI, Target $19.99. Best.Thing.Ever). It could also be that I sometimes have to wrangle between three cats who love humans because they are warm. At any rate, I'm hot.

I had the windows open while working from home today, no socks on and a t-shirt and jeans. I was still hot. It was 62 degrees outside. That can't be normal right?

It's all for a good cause.

Like I said, I can't really complain. My symptoms have been relatively minor. Case in point. The symptoms I do have:

* All day sickness. I take meds though, so I normally don't feel too disgusting.
* Occasional heartburn. Not terrible because Tums usually fixes it.
* Heavy belly. This sounds strange, but every night around 7:00, my belly gets really heavy and hard. Probably from carrying it around all day.
* Round ligament pain. This JUST started yesterday. Not too terrible yet.
* Weight gain. This is normal. It happens to everyone.
* Food aversions. Totally gone at this point. Yay! I can eat chicken again!
* Fatigue. Only occasionally and thankfully on the weekends when I can take naps if need be.
* Nasal congestion. I have allergies anyways, so I am completely used to this.
* Sex dreams. Not complaining about this AT ALL. Unless said dreams are about ex-boyfriends.

I am lucky enough not to be hormonal or have cravings. Yes, once in a while I will want something, but they aren't consistent. Saturday I wanted something chocolate and yesterday, it was something pumpkin. See? Not consistent.

My husband is also very lucky that I have had no hormonal "issues". No crying spells, no rage (at least towards him), no whining moments any more than normal. I consider him lucky.

So, I can't really complain. I am finally starting to feel good. I love feeling him kick and knowing that in 16 weeks, I will have a son in my arms. Makes it allllll worth it!

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