Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Feel Accomplished

Today isn't an unusual day for us. Jack woke up at his regular time of 5:00 (he goes back to sleep after he eats until around 8:00) and I woke up at my regular time of 6:00. Today, I got so much done that I feel accomplished.

Here is what I did around the house (mostly while the boy napped):

* Load of dishes
* Folded a load of laundry
* Vacuumed
* Mopped the kitchen floor
* Dusted the living room and wiped down the tables
* Baked a batch of brownies (with Jack)
* Packed the hub's lunch
* Cleaned the catbox (ew)

I even managed to eat both breakfast and lunch and eat them peacefully without having to shovel food in my mouth.

Here is what Jack and I did together today:

* Visited with my friend that came over
* Played on the floor
* Sang songs
* Exercised (aka pumping the legs and practicing rolling over)
* Read a book
* Baked brownies together
* Had tummy time

Jack was amazing today. He wasn't fussy AT ALL. Such a change from the other day. He has taken 4 ounce bottles all day (woah) and napped for a total of 3.5 hours. Seriously, this kid is amazing. He managed to put himself to sleep with the help of the seahorse twice in his crib for naps. Unbelievable.

Days like today make me feel like I am doing something right. Especially when my house is clean and I have a happy baby. I feel even better knowing that I did almost all the chores while he was sleeping as to not miss out on any play time.

Tomorrow will be another story I'm sure.

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