Monday, May 31, 2010

Exclusive Pumper

That's me! I have been EP'ing now for over a month. Jack was still struggling with breastfeeding and I was getting very uptight and anxious. It's so much easier for us this way. And you know what? I am sooooo much happier.

Here is why I like pumping and giving Jack bottles:

* I stress less about him latching correctly
* I stress less about that the position that might upset his reflux
* With bottles, I can see EXACTLY how much he is eating during the day
* No more crying during feedings
* I know if my supply is low or just right by what I am pumping out

I still occasionally try and nurse him but it usually only lasts a few minutes before he starts crying and arching.

I have gotten a lot of grief from my mom about not nursing him. During my recent visit to New Hampshire, she gave me a hard time. I explained that I struggled for three months and that I am still giving him breast milk. I nicely told her to shove it also.

Even with the alleviated stress, I still envy women who have little to no problems with breastfeeding. I wish it had worked out for us, but you know what? I am feeding my baby and that is what is important. I am proud to say that we have never had to give Jack formula. I pump often enough and my supply is leveling out (thanks to my Domperidone) that I can keep up. There is nothing wrong with formula, but my goal was to make it to four months without ever having to give him any. I am going to make that goal!

With our next baby, I plan on trying again with breastfeeding. Did I say next baby? Gulp.


  1. I weaned this weekend. I made it 3 months 1 week as an exclusive pumper. After the pain of weaning (not fun)... I am feeling a sense of relief today to be done!

    Good for you for keeping it up. You are almost to 4 months!

  2. I'm glad you found something that works for you and Jack!