Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jack is Four Months

Happy Four Month Birthday Buggy! You are a quarter of a year old today. I can't believe it! You have changed so much in the last month, heck, in the last week! I can't believe how much of a big boy you are becoming. You are growing out of that "baby" stage and getting to be so independent and mobile.

It has been a bit of a hard week because Mommy went back to work. I knew it would be hard, but it just makes me appreciate our time together so much more. The lady that takes care of you already loves you and you seem really happy and that also makes me feel better.

Here are some things that you are doing these days:

* You now roll over from your tummy to your back. You did it three times in a row the very first time you did it! You still try from your back to your tummy, but your arm gets in the way so you only get about halfway there. Daddy still hasn't seen you roll yet, but I am sure you will show him soon!

* You giggle. Your giggles are sometimes elusive, so I treasure them when I get to hear. The first time you giggled, both Daddy and I heard it. I was smiling for hours afterwards. The best way to get you to giggle? Either tickle your belly or "eat" your toes. I am lucky and get a giggle almost every day now.

* You are reaching and grabbing for toys and quite successfully keep them in your hands. It's so cute to watch. You are still working on sticking them in your mouth. Once in a while, your eyes are bigger than your mouth because the toy you try and stuff in is HUGE! That doesn't seem to detour you though. The more the merrier I guess!

* You are so sociable. You smile at everyone. Literally, everyone. You grin at the newscasters on tv, at yourself in the mirror, strangers at the grocery store. People cannot stop telling us how adorable you are and so alert. I am biased, but you are simply just a happy, beautiful baby.

* Since Mommy has gone back to work, I put you to bed in your crib every night but when I go to bed, I bring you with me. I sleep better and you sleep better if we snuggle together. I look forward to this time every night. We snuggle and snooze until Daddy gets home from work and takes care of you.

Jack, you are amazing. Every single day you do something different. I can't keep up with how fast you are growing and learning. What will you do tomorrow? I hope I can hear you giggle again. Maybe by tomorrow you will be walking...........

I am only slightly kidding!

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