Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful On Thursday

Taking a cue from my friend Jenn, I am going to try this today! After a stressful day at work and my last post of whining, I thought I could cheer myself up.

I have so much to be thankful for and it's nice to be able to remind myself of that.

1. Jack Jack - My baby is an absolute joy. He amazes me every time he does something new. Heck, he amazes and entertains me just by smiling. Melt my heart!

2. Coffee - Yes, I am thankful for coffee. It wakes me up every day and I love the taste of it. My favorite? A mocha from Seattle's Best.

3. My home - So many people are losing their homes in this economy. Our house may be small, but it's tidy and we own it! We have a roof over our head and I am grateful for that.

4. My health - Who cares if I have an extra 15 pounds that I would like to lose? I am healthy and free of disease. My body took me through pregnancy and a c-section. I recovered so quickly because I am healthy.

5. The sun - We haven't seen much of it lately, but when it does show up, it makes me all the more thankful for it. Please Lord send us some more!

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