Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cereal Face

Jack was given the go-ahead to start cereal on Friday. I was extremely glad for several reasons:

1. I am hoping the cereal will help "coat" his tummy and possibly help with his reflux.

2. Practicing with solid food can help his gag reflex and possibly put off the need for OT.

3. He is starting to exhibit real interest in food and I can already tell milk isn't doing the job anymore of keeping him full.

On Friday evening, I gave him a little rice cereal. I started with about a tablespoon mixed with some breastmilk. I put Jack in his Bumbo with a nice big bib and went to work.

He didn't seem to love it. The cereal wasn't the problem. It was actually his position. He doesn't typically care for the Bumbo in the first place. Add something new into the mix, like a bib and spoon, and it's really not his favorite.

He ate about 2 teaspoons of the cereal, which I thought was great. He didn't gag either! The timing wasn't great though because he was fussy and seemed like he was tired.

Take two. Saturday morning, I tried again. The Bumbo still wasn't doing it. So off we went to Target to buy him an actual highchair. He needed one anyways.

Saturday night, with Jason holding the camera, we went to work. Guess what? He seemed to like it!

He is gradually eating more every day. He is learning to use the spoon. I let him shove his hands in his mouth when he's eating. Playing with their food is good for babies. It gives them the chance to feel it and get used to the texture.

Tonight, he had close to a tablespoon of cereal. Jack is now opening his mouth when he sees the spoon.

It's rice cereal for a while. Dr. D still wants Jack to wait for new foods until he turns 6 months (which is a few days away really). Until now, he seems to be taking to the cereal.

I know some people hate pictures with food all over baby faces, but plllfffffptttt! It's my blog. I can do what I want.

Look momma, I have food in my mouth and on my face!

I can't believe how big my baby is getting. Solid food! My goodness.

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