Monday, July 26, 2010

Is My Baby Slow

I wonder this again today as I read blog posts with babies that are very close to the same age as my Jack.

Other babies are sitting up on their own. Jack does for a few seconds and than topples over.

Other babies are pulling themselves up on their toys or in their cribs. Jack doesn't do this and hasn't even tried yet.

Other babies laugh like crazy. Jack only laughs when he's tickled. He's a very serious (grumpy) baby.

Is my baby slow? I am trying not to compare, but it's really hard. I try practicing things with him like sitting and "walking". I read to him every night. I sing to him. We talk about our day. I point out things when we are driving in the car. He gets socialization.


So hard!


  1. Jack is close to Noah's age and he's reached none of those! He can't really sit up (only with support), he's just learned to roll over - forget pulling up, and he only laughs when I tickle his neck (although just today - just a few days past 5 months - he laughed at the dog unprompted..)

    I worry that Noey isn't talking enough but I just do what I can...they develop in their own time:) I'd only start to worry if he was way beyond the milestone (or my doc said to worry). As long as he's progressing forward and not regressing you should be okay.

    ~~Lindsay (

  2. reading that back I hope you realize that I mean that Noah has not reached any of those:)

  3. Jack and my little girl Ella are the exact same age, to the day. =) Ella isn't rolling over, she probably could if she wanted to but hangs out on her side and won't roll all the way. She, like Jack, can sit unsupported for about 10-15 seconds and then over she goes. She isn't pulling up.
    All babies learn at different paces. Our babies aren't slow, they're just doing things in their own time. Don't compare as it will drive you crazy and Jack will do things when he is ready.

  4. There is a very wide range of normal for development in babies.

    I think Miles is tad older than Jack - a week or two? He isn't sitting up yet and can't pull himself up either.

    Laughing/smiling is definitely a personality thing I think. I feel like Miles has a good sense of humor but he is a little reserved. Also some babies are more sensitive than others and won't be smiley if they have a tummy ache, teeth hurt, etc.