Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still Here!

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had time to update my blog. Sorry gang.

Here is what we have been up to:

* Jack has ANOTHER ear infection, so we are working on getting him healthy. Augmentin seems to be working, but honestly, I am so over these darn infections. I am sure my little guy is very much done with them too.

* Sleep is going GREAT! He is starting to sleep at longer and longer intervals. He goes down in his crib for the first put down of the night. Jack sleeps in his crib until he wakes up. This is usually anywhere from 2 hours to 3.5 hours like last night! Progress!

* I am planning my trip back East in May. I need to purchase plane tickets and a new stroller so I can tote this guy through airports easier. I am looking forward to the trip, but anxious about certain things, like keeping a toddler entertained for a day of sitting on airplanes and then long drives from Maine to New Hampshire.

That is really about it. Nothing too extraordinary. When I get more than 5 minutes of "me" time, I will update this thing again.

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  1. When I flew to Portland last month, I picked flight times where I KNEW Morgan would sleep.. so we left NYC at 6pm (eastern time) and she fell asleep around 8 and slept until Portland... then we left Portland at 11pm (pacific time) and she slept from before we even got to the airport, through security, onto the plane and all the way until we got to our house!

    Car rides though... are another story.. since we're rarely ever in the car, Morgan screams whenever we are. :(